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Anonymous 18175

Was he guilty? Was he innocent?

Take a moment to think about the king of pop and share your thoughts.

Anonymous 18176

Theres no doubt he was innocent. Even the parents of the children admit that they made it all up

Anonymous 18177

I don't know what to think about the child abuse situation. I know some of them were scamming him, and that's undeniable, but at the same time he did seem like a pedo because of the weird way he acted around kids. I want to believe he was a good person.

Whenever the topic of Michael Jackson's death pops up, I ask people if they remember where they were or what they were doing when he died. And everyone remembers the exact moment when they found out he passed. That's how important he was to society kek. I will never how huge his death impacted the media and people in general. It was like he was supposed to last forever so his death shocked people.

Anonymous 18178

He was innocent. Yes he had mental issues that Im sure came from his fucked up childhood, and this is what people used to abuse of his kindness and set him up in all those disgusting lawsuits. He was way too naive, for his own good. Its like he just wanted to be the child he never had the opportunity to be.

Anonymous 18179

Wait, what? He had child porn?

Anonymous 18180

>and for the "they wanted money" claim why would several families target one guy for money
Eh, you say this like it's not supposed to make sense, but he was one of the richest people in the USA and people already saw him as being a bit sketchy around kids, so it's not like that line of reasoning doesn't make sense

I'm inclined to go with innocent anyway. A lot of kids/former kids who used to spend time at his ranch came out to defend him and it later turned out that at least some of the parents of the accusing children kept egging them on to lie and exaggerate things that happened there. I still think the dude was weird as shit though (probably snapped under all the stress and everyone just sort of kept rolling with it anyway)

Anonymous 18181

It was proven those "porn magazines" didnt have any children on them .
Yes, it was all MADE UP.

>Accusations like these don't come out of thin air, especially when its several after several person and he's not a political figure so it's not like these people would have any reason to make these claims up

No reason to make claims up about Michael Jackson? are you that oblivious?!?!?!?!

>Honestly, he is overrated, his music isn't that good, some of it is shit really

You probably like Justin bieber. Am I right?

Anonymous 18182

He hung his child upside out of a window several stories high. There is no way that man is innocent of anything.

Anonymous 18183

From the link, wtf man

The lawsuit couldn’t come at a worse time. Earlier this year, Radar Online published a leaked dossier of police evidence, collected by authorities from raid of Neverland Ranch in 2003. The raid unearthed ‘stockpile of child pornography,’ according to the report, though Michael Jackson defenders noted that most of it wasn’t illegal.

Possibly, though the putrid ‘stockpile’ wasn’t exactly Disney-friendly, shall we say. The detailed evidence contained S&M, strange collages of children’s faces pasted on adult bodies, and other seriously deranged material alongside graphic DVDs and computer files.

Collections containing naked images of children, particularly boys, were also found in the raid. It’s unclear why the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office didn’t pursue criminal charges against the singer, or publish the dossier.

“The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will,” one Radar source explained. “[Jackson] also had disgusting and downright shocking images of child torture, adult and child nudity, female bondage, and sadomasochism.”
Radar Online was since sued by the Jackson family for accusations that the pop star molested his own nephews. The dossier has since been pulled down. That raises some questions about authenticity of the leak, though the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office did not deny that genuineness of the document.

Anonymous 18184

If you think he did that on purpose then you're a moron. He was trying to show his kid off, he made a mistake like MANY parents do, especially fathers since they arent used to handling babies as much as moms.

Youre basing all of it on magazines , info that later on was proved was wrong

Anonymous 18185


dude is a nut, no his vitiligo was not the reason he and his sis constantly used skin whitening products, and had nothing to do with his many surgeries to try and make his face structure more "white". and yes I think he molested children and who knows how deep the rabbit hole really goes. He was abused and the circle of abuse continued through him.

Anonymous 18186

cycle of abuse*

Anonymous 18187

>his music is just too basic

Nta but are you serious?

Anonymous 18188

I honestly believe Jacko was not a rapist but just a guy who never grew up. In his head he was a little boy his entire life. When he grew up other kids would play in the park, he had to record music to give his father a source of income. He also seems like a very sensible and mentally fragile person. It explains pretty well why he wasted millions of dollars building his own movie theatres and leisure parks. He wanted to get back his lost childhood but he never got it.

He got along well with children because he was mentally one himself. I doubt he was a rapist but in the end only he and his alleged victims will know. Corey Feldman claimed in one interview that Jacko did not herass him but it hurt him very much that Jacko would act like he was interested in his worries and just dump him later on.

Either way, Jacko was a nut in any case.

Anonymous 18189

eh, kinda feels like you're grasping at straws here

retracted confessions and "evidence" that was sensationalised by the media and turned out not to be accurately reported on - there's just not enough there for me to declare him guilty

Anonymous 18190

I wholeheartedly disagree. This thread is not to discuss his music so I won't type too much, but he was groundbreaking in so many aspects and was extremely creative and talented. If he as a kid molester, I don't really know, but he was a fantastic artist.

Anonymous 18191

this is my thinking too

Anonymous 18192

>everyone remembers the exact moment when they found out he passed
I had just gotten home from summer camp and was at my cousin's house. I was in her room but then my aunt called me out to tell us that Michael Jackson had died, to which my cousin responded with "Finally that creep is dead!"
I didn't know much about him at the time, and still don't know much besides his music, but >>18188 's reasoning is pretty much my thoughts about the situation.

Anonymous 18193

I think he had some very severe issues, because of his childhood, insecurities about himself and being a public figure.

I think he is weird. I am not quite sure, if he was weird enough to be a pedophile. I read a story about a woman, who wanted to seduce him and he was just too shy to have sex with her.

Anyway, I feel sorry for him. I just hope he didn't hurt/rape any kids. That's the tragedy about the cycle of abuse.

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