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old internet nostalgia Anonymous 18212

a couple times a year i get super nostalgic for old internet shit i used to love and do deep dives into my old accounts, etc. last night i logged into my NationStates country that I've had for FIFTEEN YEARS UGHH.

> where do you go online for nostalgia deep dives?

> did you ever play NationStates? it's a basic but p satisfying political RP game: https://www.nationstates.net/

Anonymous 18213

80s pepe.png

>>18212 Never heard of NationStates, but i just made one. I'm excited to play, ngl.
I go on Diaryland sometimes, though I never had an account. If you dig you can find entries of the early, early 2000s. They're fun to read, make me feel not-so-alone.

Anonymous 18214



aw, i hope you enjoy. what kind of government are you aiming for?

I made mine when I was an 11 year old weeb and fucking typo'd "the", lol

Anonymous 18215


Catch me on bimbo.land

Anonymous 18216


i sometimes go on photobucket and just roll around in pics people put up there for their craigslist posts and myspaces in 2005.

but i just checked it again for the first time in a while and it's almost unbrowse-able because of the ads.

Anonymous 18217

Holy shit anon, I had no idea this site was back. I was addicted to this back in 2007/08 and I cheated so much with duels that I got really rich and could buy pretty much anything. Sucks that they took all the money away but at least I can sell all the shitty dresses. Spent 2 hrs already just staring at all the stuff I want to buy help

Anonymous 18218

I used to be on Tipeez/Tweegee/Tvidi as a kid. It was popular in my country. It was an AMAZING website for kids. for adults too even, if it was still alive I'd play. It was like a separate internet. There was a website maker for kids, comic maker for kids (with premade assets), chat for kids (you'd press the rocket button and it'd show an off-canvas menu with a space themed chat!!) a city for kids with various locations (it used to be all original but plenty of places got replaced with commercially sponsored areas, like a newspaper in my country) a somewhat dead forum, a profile that you could customize, with your own avatar. You could play games in the city or the flash games, there was one yucky sewer game about connecting pipes and I hated it but it used to give the most TCoins before they nerfed it and replaced it with some other game, because everyone was playing the sewer game to get coins. And the coins weren't for sale for real money before, you had to play games. No part of the game needed any real life money to enjoy. You'd just make an alt, invite them to play in the city and make them lose. Grind the gold!! There was also a monthly vault, you'd get a riddle or something like a really obscure captcha and had to guess what's inside, end of the month you'd get a reward. I never got one… Before they replaced the poseable human avatars for shitty chibi avatars it was really great. You'd hover over them and get a message. I had cringy messages like grrr im a vampire and I ALWAYS had the vampire mouth on my avatar no matter what even though it wasn't girly and boys didnt like it probably. I didn't have a bf for long. When you logged into the city you'd choose a round ball that resembled an animal or emo icons with no arms that came in different colored hair. I was usually the cat ofc but sometimes I was emo girl. I also had a cool boy account and sometimes I'd hit on girls but mostly I sockpuppeted and made the other acc my bf. He had sunglasses, tan skin and red hair and he was smiling, I imagined a Cool GuyTM would be like that.

I used to have lots of various different accounts and would pretend to be different people each time. I always thought my accounts were tied to my computer and browser. So I would use Chrome for me and IE for my "bf". I didnt understand the concept of email or usernames or passwords, the account username and player username were different and i didnt understand what username meant so id just keymash…he he heghh he… Dumb kid i was. So every time my pc would go to the repairs bc i got a trojan for some stupid shit like cheat engine maybe id start a NEW life. New me! I had lots of friends and I had a GREAT time the GREATEST time actually I wish I still could revisit.

I had a bf who was a teenager but I didn't know he was a teen back then, thinking back he was definitely a teen. and I saw a pic of him after we ""broke up"" although i dont remember clearly what he looked like but he looked not my age and showed his palm with another girls name written on it. This website had a messaging system and every morning when i'd login i'd see a new message by him, he'd write me cringy poems every day…. until one day I saw him in the game world in Cloud Mountain where kids have their fake weddings and he was having a wedding with some other girl . I just quit and never talked to him. The messages stopped then too. I also saw them in the beauty salon and left them alone. They both had emo boy/girl icons.

I have more to say about this website but I must calm down now… It's so strange that wayback machine goes all the way to 2002 but website still says 2008.

That's a real website… I thought you were just calling crystal.cafe bimboland for some reason.
Gonna sign up before it dies!

Anonymous 18219


I was straight up addicted to neopets. And let me reveal my age.

I get home from school to open my netscape browser to go to neopets and wait eternity for my dail up to load the front page. And have my mom yell at me for her not being able to use the phone because I'm on the internet.

Anonymous 18220

isn't it the end of the Decade? Shouldn't we all just Move on old Timer??

Anonymous 18221

It's not like I go to the site anymore. I deleted all my old accounts years ago. That image is just a random one I found.

Anonymous 18222

You're also too young to post here.

Anonymous 18223


Does anyone else remember Notpron?

Anonymous 18224

I would go to my friends house to comb through the pound for rare pets because I had dialup but she had fast Internet. Embarrassingly I was in sixth grade at this point…

Anonymous 18225

I remember that! Atmospheric and fun, has a big bad voodoo daddy reference! Never bothered finishing though

Anonymous 18226

My dumbass misses MySpace

Anonymous 18227


you are not alone. i miss all the customizing you could do with html and css. my friends paid me to make them custom banners and layouts lol

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