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Artist Alleys Anonymous 18257

(Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in /media/ so mods feel free to move if you feel it should be in there)

Have any of you guys done an artist alley? What was your experiences? Any tips and tricks?

I'm thinking of maybe setting something up for next year as I'm currently unemployed, severely depressed and doing nothing with my life so I thought I might as well work towards some form of goal, even if I don't manage to sell anything. Any input would be really appreciated!

I'm probably going to see if i can split a table with someone next year and just get a small amount of bits to sell just to test the waters. I'm currently working on a few bits of fan art to add to the portfolio for it. I'm thinking of doing about 10 prints or so and then making a few charms/bookmarks etc, that sort of thing that can be cheaply made and then putting any money made from selling those towards a printer and badge maker. I'm lucky enough that I used to work at a local printing firm so I can probably get a discounted rate for my prints.

Anonymous 18258

/cgl/ on 4chan has a thread about this if you haven't checked it out already

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