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tumblr Anonymous 18280

does anyone here use tumblr ? i do, and once you find the right crowd it's definitely a fun place to be. the site isn't limited to aestheticposting and neolib opinions lole
drop a handle if you like

Anonymous 18281


Not avidly. Most of the time I really only log on when I'm in a depressive bout or dealing with insomnia and just want things to look at and not think too heavily about. I find the aesthetic posting to be great for those problems. Based pic, OP.

Otherwise I'll use it when I'm looking for fandom/fujo stuff when I'm willing to wade through the woke garbage, want to find gifs and pics of various media, or for terf stuff.

Anonymous 18282


i use it to be silly or reblog nice things or make diary entries and post photos…id like to be more neat about it but i just dont use it that often. maybe once im less insecure. its a sweet place though and the only social media i have aside from discord!

i wish i could make friends but i feel like people would find me too autistic or something

Anonymous 18283


>the only social media i have aside from discord!
>i wish i could make friends but i feel like people would find me too autistic or something
i am exactly the same anonette !!! i mean i have people that follow me back since i go there pretty often and for a good long while now but i've never actually spoken to them personally. i wish i could but i'm afraid i'm too retarded to be having any friends in general
have a good day cryscafe fren ^_^

Anonymous 18284


>too autistic
>too retarded

You both seem sweet though. I'm always worried people will catch on to what a freak I really am. Or that my disorders will become an immediate problem in the relationship.

Anonymous 18285


I literally just switched off from tumblr to here. tumblr and twitter are pretty much my go to platforms and I've been active on both since 2013. I love using tumblr because it's a hub for fandom stuff and I love lurking for fanart and fanfiction for hours while I waste away in my room, chasing my next fandom related dopamine rush.

Anonymous 18286

oh you.gif

thank you ^_^ you seem nice yourself anonette
have a good day fren :]

Anonymous 18287

well on my old blog i contacted two girls that i liked and they were really sweet but nothing much came of it because i struggled to maintain anything further which is of course my fault. each of them posted something i could relate to and i just kind of messaged them about it and we spoke a bit. but i have seen good experiences with meeting people from other tumblr users. i wouldnt do it now, but again its probably just due to my current insecurities and my new blog is quite smaller in terms of content and a following. but one day i would like to reach out to people again! friendships are nice. i dont think it would hurt at all to try it, but i completely understand the hesitation. enjoy your day as well!! (insert bunny emoticon)

Anonymous 18288


To be young again. I can tell you are zoomer with blissful ignorance I wish I had again or you are using smileys out of nostalgia idk. I sincerely hope you have a good day.

Anonymous 18289

Unrelated but pic is 2 real 4 me

Anonymous 18290

ken 4.PNG

used to be super active on tumblr until the south park fandom died and my motivation to draw went with it. sometimes I go back for the aesthetics and nostalgia. I tried moving to twitter but it lacks the "diary" feel I loved abt tumblr. rip :(

Anonymous 18291

yeah i'm on radblr. and i'm planning to open a dark animecore aes blog so if any of you anons have the same type of blog i'd love to give a follow!

Anonymous 18292

I miss Tumblr and the unapologetic self-expression but I don't know anyone on it anymore and wouldn't know how to begin connecting to people again, plus I was already over the average user age on Tumblr back then and now it just feels grotesque.

Anonymous 18293

literally me.jpg

i don't know how old you are exactly but i know women on that website that are ~26 and are pretty cool, nobody actually cares about your age unless they are trying to use it against you out of hate. i know this is terrible advice but you can always start by reblogging a bunch of stuff and following the right people ( i started by following blogs i thought were funny and then they reblogged callouts for people which i then followed for being based lole ) and then that way you can have mutuals again and start having a fun time with them ^_^

Anonymous 18294

Tumblr was fucked. I remember randomly looking through blogs and suddenly coming across some pretty illegal content.

Anonymous 18295

like what?

Anonymous 18296

nta but im assuming they mean gore which… i don't know how illegal that would be

Anonymous 18297

CP was a sizable issue on tumblr back in the day IIRC. Porn bots too, but it's still pretty much as bad as today.

Anonymous 18298

how illegal is gore or does it depend?

Anonymous 18299

It's not illegal, it's just against Tumblr's Community Guidelines.

Anonymous 18300

How do I join tumblr I have had accounts and I search for content but other than leaving whatever a note is I do not see how we can actively communicate maybe I am just stupid idk.

Anonymous 18301

you can message people privately and leave replies on posts if they have them on. i think you should start by having mutuals for a bit first and then you can start talking yo them

Anonymous 18302


i like tumlbr. i post about bjork here https://bjorkquotes.tumblr.com/

Anonymous 18303


I use tumblr, but don't communicate with people there. It requires extra effort considering tumblr's features (or - lack of them)
So I use it as a personal dump:
one is for osomatsu stuff - now I don't maintain it, 'cause irrelevant
second for a certain type of 00ish anime aesthetic - warm and cozy moe galge otaku stuff could be nsfw - cat-a-lepsy.tumblr.com
third is for personal-personal stuff - things I like to look at, no theme, just eDgY and very heterosexual - pic related
I have them for like 10 years (geez), but don't post often and have next to no following, idk I just like to have them

Anonymous 18304

I have feelings for this blog

Anonymous 18305

drop url plz anon

Anonymous 18306

I love tumblr, it's quiet now and I just unfollow anyone whose content annoys me. It's relaxing to me.

Anonymous 18307

CP, and lots of it. Pretty fucked up.

Anonymous 18308

you're making me blush anon i haven't even posted anything yet! i probably won't be active for a month or so it's desecra73 but it may become a weirdcore where i openly be a mentally ill neet so beware

Anonymous 18309

Post and reblog a bunch of stuff so it's not too obvious that I'm following from here. I'm shy, but I reblog a lot of weird and unsettling stuff too.

Anonymous 18310

well since you asked so nicely…

Anonymous 18311

ntayrt but i followed you ^.^

Anonymous 18312


Anonymous 18313

i followed you too!

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