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Fanfiction Anonymous 18352

I want to write fanfiction but I suffer big time second hand embarrassment and delete anything I write early into the drafts.

Anonymous 18353

Isn't that first-hand embarrassment, aka just regular embarrassment?
Second-hand embarrassment is when you feel embarrassed on behalf of someone else who did something embarrassing. Kinda like cringe, except more sympathetic.
Anyway, I used to kinda feel this way while doing fanart. I think the key to getting over it is 1. realize that no one fucking cares, you're not that important and 2. Have some objective standards for measuring how good your writing is or some goals to achieve with it. Maybe find something you like about someone else's writing that you'd like to incorporate into your own. That way you can find flaws with yourself, but also have a basis for it and improve at your craft.
Basically if you think your writing is shit, focus on making it better in some way rather than just wallow in self-pity.

Anonymous 18354

Most fanfiction sites are populated by pseudonyms anyway, it doesn't matter if it's cringe or not. Release your shit into the world and see who likes it!

Anonymous 18355

It’s not that my writing skills are bad but more the fanfiction I want to write is inherently cringe and if anyone irl found out about it I would die inside.

Anonymous 18356

She’s right. That’s not second hand embarrassment, that’s just regular embarrassment. Anyway, most people who read/write fanfiction are weirdos. If it’s odd, that just makes it more fun to read.

Anonymous 18358

Write under a pseudonym and use a throwaway email. I've been doing it for years writing sketchy crap and nobody has found out about it.

Anonymous 18359

this, same

Anonymous 18360

Fanfiction is only considered cringe because it’s a predominately female thing, especially by young women. Anything strongly associated with women is automatically given less value in society (until a man does it).

If anyone does find it, just say you want to be a writer and writing fanfiction seemed like an easy first step. Some actual writer have admitted that they started this way. Plenty of writers have published their own Sherlock Holmes stories too or sequels to other classic works.

Anonymous 18384

Thanks for the encouragement. I will try to write and post something.

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