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Book recs! Anonymous 18404

What are you guys reading? I am compiling a book list to read over the summer. Give me your suggestions!

Anonymous 18405

The Iliad
The Oddyssey
New Oxford Bible translation
Phenomenology of the Spirit
Being and Time
Being and Nothingness

Anonymous 18406

>New Oxford Bible translation
No, don't read this. It's really boring and repetitive. Or at least only read sections.

Anonymous 18407

No Longer Human- Osamu Dazai
Confessions of a mask- Mishima
Lady Chatterley's Lover- D.H. Lawrence

Anonymous 18408

What a moid post

Anonymous 18409

You doing okay?

Anonymous 18410


Anonymous 18411

Love you both.

Anonymous 18412

Is that so? I'll keep that in mind.

Ah,this list is just what I was reading, if you also want suggestions, I recommend:
Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer.
The Romantic Manifesto.
The Tao Te Ching

Anonymous 18413

If you like history books, I would suggest Imprimatur, Secretum, Veritas and Mysterium by Monaldi and Sorti.

Anonymous 18414

Yes! I love history books. I was a history major and miss learning new things. I have The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire gathering dust on my bookshelf. Though people say to just watch Roman history videos lol.
>The Iliad
>The Oddyssey
these are on my bookshelf too! I'm planning to read 100 books over the summer. My brain feels rotted from passively watching anime and playing video games lol.
>Lady Chatterley's Lover- D.H. Lawrence
I intend to read all of Lawrence's works.
>No Longer Human- Osamu Dazai
So many people have read this book and recommend it, so I'm going to read this too!
Books I've read in 2021 so far:
>Half a life long romance
>100 years of solitude
>Flowers for Algernon
And a bit of the brothers Karamazov though I think you should read his books in order of publication.

Anonymous 18415

>I'm planning to read 100 books over the summer.
Godspeed, that's a huge amount.
> I was a history major and miss learning new things.
Then I would also like to suggest books written by C. C. Humphreys (especially 'Vlad: The Last Confession' and 'A Place Called Armageddon'), though fair warning that while his books are based on historical happenings for the most part, there are some OC additions to make the books a bit more entertaining so if that's not your cup of tea, avoid him. Steven Pressfield is also a fantastic author, love his books on Alexander the Great, but he's got other really great works about different historical figures/events.

Anonymous 18416

I'm reading Kingsbridge by Ken Follett right now. I don't know a lot about books but I enjoyed it so far.

No Longer Human sounds very interesting, I just ordered it.

Anonymous 18417

>Being and Time
>no Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Anonymous 18418

I cried so fucking much the first time I read Flowers for Algernon. I used to cry at books all the time when I was a kid, even just sad parts in ordinary children's novels, but I read FfA around about the time I started secondary school and I was straight up in tears for hours.

Anonymous 18419

Nice thread >.< I just finished reading The Women's Room by Marilyn French and it was very good. also any nonfic book recs? could be about anything, i love learning

Anonymous 18420

>planning to read 100 books over the summer.
You're not going to buy them, are you?

Anonymous 18421

Oh yeah it's such a sad book and can easily bring you to tears. I read it the first time when I was 11 but decided to reread it again this year since I have such a small number of physical books. Still hits you in the feels. Crazy to think that it was considered a sci-fi short story in its time lol.
No, definitely not! Too much money lol. I might use free book websites. Right now I am reading this book: https://archive.org/details/hmpulhamesqui00marq The site has a lot of archived books too. Do you know any other free pdf and book sites? I don't have an e-reader so I will just read on my laptop or phone. I do plan on buying physical books to read on the beach though.
Death of Woman Wang
The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women
They're history related so it might be boring but they're both good books!

Anonymous 18422

Shouldn't this be moved to /media/?

Anonymous 18423

Just finished Kokoro by Natsume Soseki and it ended up being much more depressing than I thought it would be lol. Or maybe it's just me.
Just started reading The Baron in the Trees and it's interesting so far. Besides those I have copies of Some Prefer Nettles by Tanizaki and The House of the Spirits by Allende I'm waiting to start.

I LOVE 100 Years of Solitude, great read

Anonymous 18424

gutenberg.org is a site that contains lots of books for free.
What sort of books are you aiming to read? Do you have a specific genre in mind or are you just going to read from various genres (kudos to you if you do that)

Anonymous 18425

I used to try to read big serious life-affecting books but I lost the will as I got older and now I mainly read a lot of indulgent trash. However, I've gotta say social media stuff for genre fic, YA, all that stuff is completely insane e.g. today's topic is "appropriating Slavdom".

Anonymous 18426


American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

I want more books with unhinged, detached from reality characters like Bateman. Please im begging on my knees give me suggestions… books about detachment from reality or unreliable narrators….

Anonymous 18428

OP, speak fucking sucks

Anonymous 18429

I'm reading The Nightingale at the moment because it was a gift from someone for Christmas and so far (I'm about halfway), I don't like it. It reminds me of YA in a bad way. That's not to say all YA is shit, but a lot of it that I have read is.

I do like the immersement in France during WWII aspect of the book, though.

I'm planning on reading Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons by Keith Rosson next, along with some short historical nonfiction books because I tire of too much fiction at once. I need variety between fiction and nonfiction.

I'm reading my Atlantic magazines slowly as well.

Anonymous 18430

>I don't have an e-reader so I will just read on my laptop or phone.
The epub reader and pdf reader extensions for Firefox or Chrome are best.
>Do you know any other free pdf and book sites?

Anonymous 18435

>unhinged, detached from reality characters
>unreliable narrators

Anonymous 18436

This >>18435
There's also Tampa if you want a female psychopath narrator. Though be warned, Tampa is a lot more explicit than Lolita.

Anonymous 18437

the secret history

Anonymous 18438

the snouters.png

I have just finished Ovid's Metamorphoses, which I enjoyed a lot. If you like Greek and Roman mythology, it's a fabulous resource and sounds very beautiful even through translation.

Next up, I will re-read The Snouters, which is a very precious book to me since my father left it to me before he passed. It's a fictitious report on an order of mammals who all have very strange snouts. I've been increasingly interested in biology and zoology lately and I've been reading up on the subjects, so I want to come at The Snouters with a fresh pair of eyes. When I was a kid, I just liked the pictures.

Anonymous 18440

Just finished the Iliad. Really fucking good, would recommend. Possibly 10/10 with the Robert Fagle translation. Only problem I had was there was a spelling error once.

Anonymous 18443

I would recommend the Lattimore translation since it's better considered in academic circles. But I don't speak Greek.

Anonymous 18570

Really? The book summary looks intriguing

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