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OMFG She-Ra: Princess of Power reboot! Anonymous 1857

Is anyone else maybe a little too excited about Netflix's announcement that they're rebooting the She-Ra cartoon series?

I've been in love with the series since I first saw it, and I'm interested, but also a bit nervous, of what the art will be like (I'm thinking the recent Rainbow Brite reboot) but I'm most nervous about the writing, plot, and any changes they want to make to the characters and world.

What are everyone else's thoughts? What are you hoping the reboot series will be like? What did you like best about the original? What didn't you like? What changes do you want to see made to continuity/canon/characters/mythology/etc in the new series? What changes do you really not want to see?

(Bonus points: If you were in charge of writing/designing the reboot series, what would you have it be like?)

Anonymous 1858

For reference, here's an article showcasing some of the art changes made to Rainbow Brite when it got rebooted:

I'm not a huge fan of the new art, especially compared to the old, and the story/mythology/world design seems really "designed by committee" as compared to the more fantasy-based original.

A reboot that I thought was done properly, that improved on the original, was the ThunderCats reboot:

I felt like the ThunderCats reboot really created a more in-depth backstory for the characters, and really created a dynamic world and mythology populated with interesting characters that the viewer actually cared about. Unfortunately the reboot was cancelled because it wasn't selling enough products and toy sales were down. That points out an obvious truth about these series: that they exist in the first place only to sell products to viewers. They are, as my father put it in the 1980s "30 minute toy commercials."

I'm hoping the She-Ra reboot will transcend that though, and be an enjoyable property outside of its purpose, but I'm fully aware that I'm possibly going to end up totally disappointed. (I'm looking at you, Jem reboot!)

Anonymous 1859

I was more excited for the Rainbow Brite reboot which turned out to be nothing like I had hoped.

Anonymous 1860


I'm not sure how I feel about this. There have been so many reboots lately that only showcases shitty animation and retarded storylines. I have a little more hope since it's on Netflix but I'd hate to see them fuck up yet another childhood classic.

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