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parksrec leslie kn…

TV Series Anonymous 18571

What do you think of:
- Parks and Recreation
- Orange is the New Black
- Elementary
- Criminal Minds

Also talk about your preferred series

Anonymous 18573

I haven't seen any of that but I know the criminal minds lead (inigo montoya my beloved) literally resigned because of how much gratuitous violence there was against women so there's that

I'm still fucked up that The Dark Crystal prequel series didn't get renewed.

Anonymous 18575

I loved Elementary, has some fun odd cases and It got a proper ending. Never watched any of the others. Don't really watch comedies.

Anonymous 18819


I love The Fall and Gillian Anderson in it but I hate that Christian Grey actor. He is so dull and really takes away from a superb show.

Anonymous 18820


Just WHY. I even loathe his features.

Anonymous 18821


I'll have to hate-watch this rat-faced dude who thinks glaring daggers into the O2 and mouth-breathing are acting methods. His body is reptilian aswell

Anonymous 18823

He would look ok if it weren’t for that subhuman hair density.

Anonymous 18844


He looks a bit like Jensen Ackles, no?

Anonymous 19836


This show is good. The second season is brilliant

Anonymous 19837


Anonymous 19838


Anon he even looks more like Jared Padalecki than Jensen and no one looks like Jared Padalecki

Anonymous 19839

It's basically glorified torture porn. Yeah, it's good and I love it to death (…sometimes) because Derek fucking Morgan (Shemar) is brilliant, Gideon (Inigo) is superb, and Elle (Lola Glaudini) is god-tier. The rest are okay, but I'm not huge on them, especially in later seasons. The first season isn't TOTALLY torture-porny. It has balance in men getting tortured, women getting tortured, and most of the torture n o t being shown. People might not like my opinion, but the first season was the best. Not only was the team dynamic fantastic, but everyone perfectly clicked and the word-vomit unsub finding scenes weren't so corny. I'd recommend watching season 1, not watching the season 1 finale, and airing caution if you like it enough to proceed to season 2. Inigo's resign was justified, though.

Anonymous 19848

Does the TWD get less sexist?

Anonymous 19850

The comics are ace, bur the show only gets worse in terms of both quality and its handling of female characters as time goes on

Anonymous 19873

Second season was meh and unnecessary but the first season was really good

Anonymous 19877

oitnb was very annoying. jenji kohan went from somewhat tolerable to extremely obnoxious. the characters seemed barely developed and attempts at backstories were hackneyed. weeds was a very good show that she did, but oitnb sucked. i already could barely stand the gratuitous sexual scenes in weeds, but the objectification of lesbian relationships and lesbian sex in oitnb was very, very irritating. at least weeds was actually funny.

Anonymous 19895

TWD, much like the zombies, is a fucking dead thing still dragging on. They should have quit with the end of the Negan arc while people were still mildly interested.

They killed Rick and everyone who was still watching disappeared. They need to let it die.

What I will say is that something I really liked about the series was that it moved foward from focusing in just the zombies and had plotlines based around more interesting things while the zombies were just sort of the background to the plot, I really liked that. There are a few episodes that the zombies aren't even seen or mentioned to allow for more interesting things

Anonymous 20719

- I Am Not Okay With This
Why did it have to be cancelled??
I know it's a very teenager-like show but it was still quite unique

Anonymous 21403

The only thing I watched here was parks and rec, and it was only for seeing april and andy. Chris Pratt is just super cute to me, and I liked how weird april is i wish she was my friend

Anonymous 21644

watched the umbrella academy on netflix some time ago and was pleasantly surprised given the usual quality of the more niche stuff on there.

Anonymous 21713


Been binging What We Do in the Shadows this week, it's so funny and strangely sweet sometimes. Vampire mockumentary.

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