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Anonymous 18670

Does anyone know how to make fumos?
I wanna learn how to make them any tips?
I wanna get into sewing in general any tips?

Anonymous 18671


fumo fumo fumo

Anonymous 18673

These are cute. They always look kinda angry though.

Anonymous 18674

So are these the weeb version of funko pops?

Anonymous 18687


That title has to belong to Nesoberis. Fumos are mainly for Touhou I think, but it feels like pretty much everything gets a Neso now. I guess there's Nendoroids too but those are way more expensive and have enough distinguishable features from each other for the most part.

Anonymous 18689

Funko pops are the western version of nendoroids.

Anonymous 18692

No matter the fumo, it looks extremely smug. Like pure, clear smug crystal.

Anonymous 19216

what is a fumo? I have seen these before but I always thought people bought them like that kek

Anonymous 19396


I'm pretty sure they do, although you have to be a bit desperate or lucky to get one. It all seems ridiculous to me how hard bothersome it is to get one. There is a good guide over at https://fumo.website/

Anonymous 19397

>only manufactured twice a year
>always out of stock
>expensive as fuck
Yeah no thanks, I'll learn to make 'em myself.

Anonymous 19409

What is the appeal of fumo? They aren't particularly pretty like scale figures, they aren't soft like regular plushies, and they're incredibly expensive for what they are.

Anonymous 19419

The appeal is that they're rare collectables and look cute I guess

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