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Shitty music men like Anonymous 18785

Post music men find amazing for some reason, when in reality it's mediocre or downright terrible

Anonymous 18786

So far I'm fine but eventually someone's going to post something I like and I'm going to go ballistic. I can see it now

Anonymous 18787

Death Grips
Sonic Youth
Animal Collective

Anonymous 18788

yes to all
if you dont like mgmt i can only imagine what boring stuff you actually like

Anonymous 18789


Anonymous 18790

This is just the song all the hyperboria / wignat videos use

Anonymous 18791

I mean I like earth 2

Anonymous 18793

zero idea what those are but come on, mgmt's fun synthpop. shouldnt dislike something because of its association with other things.

Anonymous 18796


>sonic youth
say psych rn

Anonymous 18805

Anonymous 18829

Evert prog rock except for Pink Floyd and almost every Black/Death Metal band ever.

Anonymous 18836


this pretentious shit including the top rated albums/artists on rateyourmusic
mu, rym and music communities in general are just scrotes jerking themselves off over how much music by other scrotes they’ve consumed while female talent goes ignored, pushed aside, laughed at

Anonymous 18837

I really like Remain in Light and Tago Mago for similar reasons, cool rhythmic albums
Yes is one of my favorite bands. I actually really like Trout Mask, it is interesting to listen to what each instrument is doing and look for patterns in it. It is kind of like when your room is a mess and you start organizing things.

Definitely a lot of overrated crap music there though, I have RYM but I don't bother looking at the charts

Anonymous 18838

I don't know how you could hate all prog except for Floyd. It feels like you're making an exception because Floyd's the only one you bothered to listen to or you would also shit on Floyd but are afraid of backlash. Like I don't care that you hate prog but your taste seems inconsistent

Anonymous 18841

Vaporwave is pretty cool and chill.

Anonymous 18845

I like Death Grips and Tool.:(

Anonymous 18847

Honestly music is just music and any gendering of it is super arbitrary and built off very shallow factors. Anybody can have any music taste really. This thread is just "music I don't like (that I can find a demographic of moids who listen to it)"

Anonymous 18848

Five of those albums have female artists in them. I don't see a reason to gender /mu/core, regardless of your opinions on it as music. For the record, I enjoy most of /mu/core (Not a fan of Swans or GY!BE though).
Hit the nail on the head here.

Anonymous 18849

Reminder that some autistic metalheads would still called this "NOT A REAL METAL"

Anonymous 18852

I agree, this is a stupid thread. And who tf doesn't like a lil bit of MGMT

Anonymous 18857

gangster rap
noise rock
post hardcore
it's all a try hard dick measuring contest

Anonymous 18859

i pity that you all dont like fun, its just music after all

Anonymous 18861


Anonymous 18865

Y'all are genuinely mentally ill

Anonymous 18867

I like metal and punk personally, to me it is pretty fun music.

Anonymous 18868


Anonymous 18870

8/10, 10/10, 10/10. 7/10. 9/10
8/10, 5/10, N/a, 7/10, 9/10
8/10, 9/10, 8/10. 9/10, 9/10

9/10, meme, 4/10, 8/10, 8/10
10/10, 7/10, N/a, N/a, 10/10
10/10, 10/10. 6/10. 8/10. 8/10

Anonymous 18873

>normal genres
>normalized sexual misconduct since their inceptions
>deliberately stripped down and/or abrasive
no, they're not even pleasant to listen to. They're basically personality types that moids pick before hand. The music just reinforces the image they want to project.

Anonymous 18874

You're implying that's intrinsic to the genres and not because a non-zero amount of moids made music in them. You sound like a schizo who assumes everything they don't like is inherently problematic

Anonymous 18878

She doesn’t hate Jazz, I think she’s just dumb and assumes anything she doesn’t like is moid shit

Anonymous 18879

I disagree with the concept of a contrarian to begin with but especially in this case since most of that music is not popular outside of music communities. It isn't contrarian to dislike niche and unpopular things

Anonymous 18882

You're not going to get through to her until you explain why the music is good on it's own merits instead of just saying it's well liked. I mean she's kind of crazy for thinking it specifically a moid thing so I get if you don't want to extend the courtesy but still

Anonymous 18884


We've been compromised, gals

Anonymous 18886

Taking top rated/cult albums and saying they are part of their "culture" is what I imagine a bunch of insecure betas would do.
Hi /mu/!

Anonymous 18887

Fuck this.
Seriously which one of you keeps telling men about this place? We all make mistakes in the heat of passion but have some self worth ladies. Fucking hell.

Anonymous 18890

I don't know how you're making the jump from that to the entirety of these genres being sexist. These communities are in general sexist because society at large is sexist, there isn't something about the musical stylings of folk or whatever that makes people inherently misogynistic. Are you implying that women that make music within these genres all have internalized misogyny because they decided to make music in a genre you personally don't like because that's insane. It's also bizarre that you don't mention other genres that are male dominated / have a lot of sexist artists

Anonymous 18895



Anonymous 18902

Nearly all /mu/core is scrote music.
Males will never get over being incomplete females.

Anonymous 18903

>says punk
>doesn't know about the entirety of riot grrl
clearly you don't know much about this

Anonymous 18906

You realize that's probably someone from /mu/ larping right? Like I'm probably going to be banned since you're also probably a guy from /mu/ but you have to realize like 90% of the stuff you get outraged at is a larper creating his own content to post to 4chan for (you)s

Anonymous 18909

Nirvana fucking sucks.

Anonymous 18910


Sad part is, this is probably true.

Anonymous 18914

>everyone posting in the thread is male
>this is probably true
If you were female you would know for a fact that this was false. Moid spotted.

Anonymous 18916

It's not.
Men are just eternally seething over the fact that there are women out there who can have meaningful discussion without their presence.

Anonymous 18919

>meaningful discussion
I hope you don't mean this thread

Anonymous 18920

If you weren’t from /mu/ you’d know responding to moods is a bannable offense and you wouldn’t be posting in this thread. I’m only posting here since I need to take a break from image boards and don’t mind a ban

Anonymous 18921


Anonymous 18924


well their thread got taken down, I imagine moids are seething rn.

Anonymous 18926


Anonymous 18927

I know this site doesn't get enough traffic for you to know what this is, but that's just what happens when threads hit the bump limit lol

Anonymous 18931


Anonymous 18933

I lurk most of the time, I think I'll be okay.

Anonymous 18936

/mu/ has an archive, it would go there first if it wasn't purged

Anonymous 18945


moids actually btfo?
back to twitter with (you)
emotional hardcore ruined a generation of males

Anonymous 19015

It bothers me when people lump enormous, expansive genres like folk, country, and blues alongside meme microgenres like powerviolence and slowcore

Anonymous 19016

This, there are many female artists within those larger genres, too. And don't moids basically turn everything they do into a dick measuring contest?
based. idk why this site has been so centered around men lately.

Anonymous 19030

they all truly truly suck except newsom and nick drake

Anonymous 19082

Somewhat unrelated but I listened in on a conversation my significant other’s friends were having that opened my eyes to shitty male music taste.
For some backstory these guys are the types who are very elitist about music. They constantly make fun of women liking music and shit on anything with mainstream enjoyment (my s/o is cool though). They were talking about how they forced themselves to like drain gang music for the meme (example embedded in post). One of them continued to say and I quote “liking music is fake…art is a psyop”. This guy has a hefty collection of vinyls that’s probably worth 100s. Imagine admitting you forced yourself to listen to music for clout. Even worse, imagine investing in something that you pretend you’re too good for.
God e-moids are dumb.

Anonymous 19083

100 gecs. unlistenable shit

Anonymous 19090


That one is the fucking worst

Anonymous 19095

I like that album :/

Anonymous 19105

have the people on this site are either men or men playing dress up as women

Anonymous 19113

Not your fault. I can't help thinking about it like a blueprint for "doomer" bullshit

Anonymous 19135

Listening to Black Country New Road now. Moidcore if I ever heard it, lol

Anonymous 19155

Every man listens shit until they hear a little bit of La maquina de hacer pajaros

Anonymous 19160

why do so many men like metal and violent and aggressive music in general? i cant stand the violent and faux deep shit they listen to

Anonymous 19169

every post ITT was made by males

Anonymous 19221


Anything Metallica has ever made

Anonymous 19225

Very true

Anonymous 19232

People listen to music that speaks to them. Men are inherently violent and faux deep so it makes sense

Anonymous 19236

not a male thing. there are female-catered songs that are metal too y’know.

Anonymous 19290

MGMT is a largely feminine band, Pink Floyd is pretty masculine, and >>18805 and >>18836 are spot-on.

Anonymous 19299

They're so shit, yet probably the most popular metal band ever. Could never get into them.

Anonymous 19353

When I first heard that song I instantly fell in love with it. However, I do find repulsive the way that males use it in their videos.

I wouldn't shit on the entirety of Vaporwave, but to be fair, most of what's labeled "vaporwave" nowadays is just reverse Nightcore: good songs from the 80s slowed and pitched down (way too much). It's lazy as fuck and ruins perfectly good songs imo.

Anonymous 19354

I hate Hetfield and most of their music has no passion. Kill 'Em All is really good though imo

Anonymous 19412

well anon was wrong bc mgmt have a large female following. larger than male, it feels

Anonymous 19566

the doors.

Anonymous 19569

Death grips & neutral milk hotel.

Anonymous 19570

Death Grips has some interesting ideas every now and again, NMH is maximum meh

Anonymous 19571

Their album Congratulations is mostly pretentious moids who think that just because a song is 12 minutes long, it's deep or some shit

Congratulations was such a poser album, they were trying so hard to be "artsy" and impressing people

Anonymous 19572

I will never ever fall for your propaganda anon.

Anonymous 19664


i disagree. Death Industrial (a noise/power electronics subgenre) is experiencing a revival of sorts and some of the most prominent artists are Pharmakon, Puce Mary, Lingua Ignota and Pan Daijing which are all womyn.

Anonymous 19747

Not all metal is aggressive tho :/

Anonymous 19876

this entire thread reminds me of this china il episode

Anonymous 19878

kek, this is good

Anonymous 20254

aaand the thread is instantly invalid

Anonymous 20256

most of crust, black metal, goregrind stuff
ambient (not because it's bad per se, but fucking boooring)

Anonymous 20502

controversial opinion:
american girl = creep as written by a girl

Anonymous 20504

any other dead heads on here?

Anonymous 20505

while i can understand why you'd dislike crust/bm/grind, ambient music is not really about being dynamic and entertaining, it's about soundscapes, atmosphere and texture.
also i suspect that Harsh Noise Wall is your mortal enemy

Anonymous 20550


Everything this dude made

Anonymous 20685

he's sexist but damn his shitty music is catchy

Anonymous 20885

hi argie

Anonymous 20898

Females are more successful in music as a whole. If you look at Albums that have spawned the most Top 10 singles from the 1960s to 2010s- 33 are female and 31 are male with 5 being mixed gendered groups.

Anonymous 20904

>no knowing about bad cop, bad cop

Anonymous 20931


Anonymous 21021

I like aphex twin when in the mood, its people who proclaim to like his live sets you ought to look out for - nothing like some of his more comfier songs.

Anonymous 21042

I love mgmt but Little Dark Age has pretty much been ruined and overused by moids.

Anonymous 21044

LCD Soundsystem

Anonymous 21177

But the song itself is good.
I listened it on loop when I was depressed

Anonymous 21184

lofi and 'animu'vaporwave mixes aren't terrible per say, but just extremely boring. Also experimental music on bandcamp can be bland as well.

And while I find lolicon denpa music to be cute and hyperactive at times, they can be very tiring and annoying as well after a bit. High pitched squeaky voices are very fatiguing.

Anonymous 21289

/mu/ is heavy into experimental garage and underground music. From my experience these are genres female creators simply aren't interested in.

Anonymous 21292

No More Lullabies, ez

Anonymous 21307

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House is great tho.

Anonymous 21308

>anything neofolk
>anything industrial
>anything that's just a bunch of fucking noise
>anime and video game soundtracks
>prog rock
>Breaking Benajamin and other breakcore or whatever
>whiny but angry woe-is-me shit like Avenged Sevenfold and Linkin Park
>Frank Zappa

Anonymous 21310

more like the other way around

Anonymous 21311

Please tell me you're joking

Anonymous 21314

Define "anything that's just a bunch of fucking noise" because I hope you don't mean instrumentals.

Anonymous 21319

maybe she means literal Noise music or (dark) ambient (which is extremely cathartic btw)

Anonymous 21322


Anonymous 21351

what's wrong with you

Anonymous 21365

Idk why you replied to me, I didn't say anything bad about Noise or Ambient

Anonymous 21375

You're wrong about literally everything on this list except rap.

Anonymous 21387

>Shitty music men like
>End up liking most of what's posted here
Is it over for me?

Anonymous 21407

No, I'm the same way

Anonymous 21408

Nope, excluding the mumble rap, I like most of this stuff.

Anonymous 21413

t. top 40 fangirl
because i don't know tf are you listening to then

Anonymous 21481

this thread is so full of hate for subjective tastes that it might as well be a moid thread

Anonymous 21659

Seriously, what is this shit

Anonymous 21800

moids will laugh at girls for liking kpop and then listen to machine girl

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