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Anonymous 18809

In games with character creators, what kind of characters do you create? Hottest possible girl/guy you can make, absurd funny faces or try to copy your own face?

Anonymous 18811

I try to combine my face with what I would find hot. I made a really nice looking Breton character in Elder Scrolls Online a few months ago.

Anonymous 18814

I make pretty boys when I get the chance. but theres not many games i can run so i dont do it often :(

Anonymous 18815

I make pretty girls.

Anonymous 18817

i make myself but attractive/cooler

Anonymous 18818

I always try to make it look like me, but usually the only similarity is brown hair.
Then I try to make a hot guy, but I usually won't actually play with them.

Anonymous 18827

I like making a character that is ugly like me. Or a hot guy.

Anonymous 18832

Destiny Warframe C…

Anybody wanna post pics of their charas?

Anonymous 18835


Alright, I'll post mine.
>top left: my metal gear solid v gary-stu heterochromia-having twink
>top right: my dragon age inquisition character. tried to make her look like bogdanoff as much as possible lel
>bottom two: my saints row iv characters. the guy is a british dirtbag and the girl is a french vampire and a war criminal
I usually try to make hot characters on my first playthrough and then the goofiest characters possible on subsequent playthroughs.

Anonymous 19054

My characters are a mix of what I look like and my ideal self. I like to give myself huge anime eyes because why not.

Anonymous 19231


Sure! Here is my latest TS4 household. Whitney and 3 of her boyfriends. <33

Anonymous 19240

I like to make various kinds of gremlins

Anonymous 19248

all of her boyfriends are FAS faced. even in computer games we don't win

Anonymous 19257


Sophia has better taste in men.

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