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creepy female protags Anonymous 18825

What are some manga/manhwa where the main character is a female who exhibits creepy behaviour (like rapey/pedo/manipulative etc) The only one comes into my mind is Happy Sugar Life and maybe S Flower. A bit nsfw is fine but no hentai please!

Anonymous 18826


Sawa Nakamura from Flowers of Evil. Her actions might be depicted in a way that is meant to be perceived as creepy, but if you are of the belief that men deserve what they get, then she is really an arbiter of comeuppance, a mirror reflecting the creepiness of the male.

Anonymous 18828

>a mirror reflecting the creepiness of the male
Never really thought of her actions in that way, but that's a good point. Want to re-read now.

Anonymous 18830


Fran from Franken Fran isn't creepy while also being incredibly creepy.She does creepy things but doesn't act creepy, I mean. Well, mostly.

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