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Fun Online Games Anonymous 19056

When I was younger i used to play a lot of online games such as pixie hollow, a build abear workshop game. howrse, webkinz etc.

i have found that most of these games are now gone or changed a lot.

i know there is still girls go games which is fun, but i am looking more for the kind of game you make an account on and can play for a long time.

does anyone have any reccomendations?
(my favorite game currently is moviestarplanet but im looking for more games to play)

Anonymous 19080


i play these type of game for the dress up part, recently i've been playing everskies, pretty cute game, i don't interact with the folks over there but the outfits are really cute

Anonymous 19184

elouai dollmaker is the GOAT

Anonymous 19188


Does anyone remember the original Horseland online game? Like, before they changed it into a Howrse clone?

Anonymous 19191

Hnnngg I miss playing pixie hollow and I remember playing these dress up games but it was with furries, it was still really fun tho kek

Anonymous 19200

Try Virtual Popstar. Gaia Online is also still a thing, they reset their economy so there's isn't the inflation problem anymore, I like the forums too because a lot of the users are older adults returning to the game.

Anonymous 20193

whats your user? i go on there & the new update they made is like reddit so theres clubs.


Anonymous 20194

I'm seconding the Gaia rec. Petsites are also out there thriving, I've been really into Wajas and Mweor lately.

Anonymous 20198

anyone gone back on neopets lately?

Anonymous 20203

I played daily up until about 2007 and now I just check in every few years. It's unrecognizable to me, firstly because of the cash shop and dress up functions, but now all the flash functions are dead too. I think they're converting them to html5 but who knows how long that will take.

If you want Neopets but the modern Neopets experience is too broken, try Subeta. It's well programmed and aims to a pg13 audience so you can say words like grape and basement

Anonymous 20232

i like the new update, it makes the website seem more active!

Anonymous 20257

anon, if you still play gaia, let's be friends. add me?

Anonymous 21605


i used to be so into the wakfu game when i was younger. got back into it through the show. such an unique and fun artstyle.

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