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Books for adopting a more compassionate world view Anonymous 19227

I've been subjecting myself to watching a lot of this-is-reality kind of videos. (Kind of just the stuff you stumble across on Bestgore/Liveleak/etc.) It's consuming to think, but exposure to this type of media only compounds the idea that people are evil, or that evil outweighs human good. I feel more and more over time that no one really cares about anyone, unless one was chemically bonded through birth or familial obligation. It's hard not to be cynical of human nature, but I want to believe there is some author out there who understands the gamut of human cruelty and manages to obtain a positive, or at least sympathetic view on humanity. Does that make sense? Sorry this is rambly but if you have any suggestions I will appreciate it.

Anonymous 19230

Maps of Meaning.pn…

The only author I'm aware that directly acknowledges that human cruelty and evil exists yet still positively posits traits concerning humanity is Jordan Peterson. Not in his 12 Rules for Life, but his book he made back during the Cold War as an attempt to understand and describe the underlying depressive nature of the Cold War. Pic related.

Anything else you're going to want on this topic is going to be deeply embedded in philosophy during the renaissance as a Christian background is required to posit such statements.

Anonymous 19239


Anonymous 19243

the first few chapters i’ve read have actually been pretty resonant. thank you for the suggestion anon!

Anonymous 19245

actually tempted to give this a shot, is there a pdf anywhere?

Anonymous 19246

Go to library genesis, it has it. In fact you can find most non-fiction and plenty of fiction books there as well. If libgen.is is down, try some of the other proxy addresses. Don't know how admin feels about pirate links so not going to elaborate any further.

Anonymous 19247

All of you are tweaking if you think this shit isn't boiled garbage

Anonymous 19486


The book you're looking for is The Brothers Karamazov.
Also consider The New Testament, Leaves of Grass, and Infinite Jest.

Anonymous 19487

This will sound stupid but read the comic Second Coming. It unironically changed my life

Anonymous 24202

Look up Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.


In my opinion the best, clearest and most useful work I have ever come across.

Anonymous 24204

East of Eden

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