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Tropes/Archetypes/Thinking you're actually that character Anonymous 1932

What character archetype have you felt that you closely resembled or related to? Using an anime pic, but it can be from western or eastern media.

Did you ever go through a sort of growing process where you're no longer capable of relating to characters you once did?

This thread is for stories about yourself or others you have known.

Anonymous 1933


Who else here felt like a scout growing up? There's one for every taste.
mina best girl
Maybe the closest I've ever felt of what op described was back when I first read Paradise Kiss. I closely related to Carol and her struggles, and still do to some extent. I don't really know what I want in life..

Anonymous 1934

Im a lot like Asuka/ Faye Valentine, in that I'm proud as shit and thick headed, hate showing my weakness points to others and dont like taking advice even though I'm wrong.

Also I love older men too :3

Anonymous 1935

When I first started watching SM around elementary school I gravitated towards Rei (but it was mostly aspirational, I don't think I shared many personality traits), but then as I grew older I felt more like an Ami.
Now I would probably identify most closely with Michiru even if I don't think I'll ever be as high femme as her.

I don't know if I really identified in the sense of "I am that character," but I do know that I have a preference for certain character types that lean towards to the quiet, dark, and introspective side.

Anonymous 3427


I know this thread is pretty old but it seemed pretty fun to participate. When I was in middle school I related to a lot of shy, easily embarrassed type of anime characters because of my social anxiety. I'm really glad I've sort of come out of my shell and matured a bit now that I'm out of High school. Two characters I've really related to are Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish and Natsume from tonari no kaibutsu-kun.

Anonymous 3433

I don't really relate to her but I love Mayaya from Princess Jellyfish, I don't know why, I just want to be like her. I know she is not a very good character to look up to, but I don't admire her lifestyle, more her personality and her devotion to her interest my favorite is when she yells NUWO and does that pose with her hands, it's adorable, I wish sometimes that I could be the kind of crazy person who just says and does whatever she likes without worrying what others will think of her…

Anonymous 3441


>I was a kind of a neet in that I didn't really go out unless it was for uni.
NEET stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training. A NEET is not necessarily a hikkikomori. A hikkikomori is not necessarily a NEET. A homebody is not either. You are a homebody. One cannot be "kind of" a NEET. One is or is not a NEET.
Please understand, this is for your education and benefit.

Anonymous 3443

It's not that deep.

Anonymous 3847

Generally that type of introverted, secretive characters, it's a common trope. There's not really a character but more like a specific trait in different characters, I can relate to two characters who are enemies for example because I see ~something~ in each of them. However, I wish female characters in anime would get more development.

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