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Anonymous 19468

Am I a normie for liking this show? I thought it was funny

Also do you like capeshit?

Anonymous 19469

I haven't watched it, but I have seen clips of it on YouTube and it looks fun.
>Also do you like capeshit?
Yes. Basic choice but Wonder Woman has been my all time fave, coming in second is Raven. As for villain… Hela.

Anonymous 19470


I liked it. I was expecting a really shitty "Gotham high" their trash fire, but it turned out to be a surprisingly well done genre show and not just a hollow parody of existing DC shows.
Also Damian was adorable. He always reminds me of pic related.

Anonymous 19471

I like capeshit. It's kind of my guilty pleasure these days

Anonymous 19478


I wish the adult material for capes was not so male oriented. It seems most of it is rape/ryona type stuff. There is nothing with these vibes.

Anonymous 19493

Has anyone else noticed how much romance has been erased from modern comics/comic related media? Like I don't think it's because men don't like it, because they've always been the primary audience for comics, it honestly seems like the weird puritanism that's swept through everything these days has deliberately killed any undercurrent of romance in mainstream media.

Anonymous 19494

I think it's because filmmakers realized that nobody buys the "characters fall in love even though they've only met each other five times" trope. Romance takes a long time to develop, and modern audiences don't have the patience.

Anonymous 19508

>Also do you like capeshit?
I liked the old Teen Titans show when I was young and I feel like it set the bar too high when I started to check other capeshit out. It was all really disappointing (ugly western comic art, dumb shit written for dumb shit men).
Canon romance in dork media is nearly always undercooked and unsatisfying. I'm glad they're realizing that it's best to just write chemistry and let shippers and fanfic take care of the rest. I'll watch a show I initially had no interest in because I see the high quality fandom stuff and want context.

Anonymous 19512

does 'the boys' count as capeshit? because it really is excellent

Anonymous 19592

Same anon, an update: I've taken matters into my own hands and am writing some superhero smut now.

Anonymous 19661

yes it does. the boys is just edgy capeshit.

Anonymous 19667

it was good though, you have to admit it was pretty good. i don't feel it was really edgy? it's pretty politically progressive too

Anonymous 20500

thats non sense
those fucking movies are up there own ass and have storylines spanning like a decade and drop goofy references to other movies that confuse you if you never saw the other movie

Anonymous 20509


>Also Damian was adorable.
His frickin voice. Could not have picked a cuter one

Anonymous 25816


Okay I watched the first three episodes of season three. They introduced Nightwing, usually I don't like Dickbabs but they are kind of cute here, I like the way they're writing Barbara in this show overall though. Also I love Harley's outfit in episode 3 for the Villy awards.

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