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Being lured into a fandom Anonymous 19542

Many girls and young women are lured into a fandom when they are going through puperty and forming their own identity. However, many of these scenes are planted by the industry, just like the artists/actors themselves. They are made to capitalize on the youth's need to rebel, to belong and their feelings of isolation.

Are/were you in such a community? Please tell us about your experience.

When it comes to myself I was a loner most of the time so I didn't really clinge to something in a serious matter. Yea, I listened to "alternative" rock music and looked alt but I always had trouble to relate to other alternative kids since they took the whole thing way to serious. You know, with them buying all the merchandise, printing out cheesy quotes of their favourite singers and getting furious if I didn't like their stuff.

Anonymous 19546

Tokio Hotel kek.

Anonymous 19554

unnamed (2).gif

Nah, it's the singer of BVB. But they look kinda similar, don't they?

Anonymous 19663


Can't add anything but: Bill is best grill.

Anonymous 19666

kek. i think it's funny though, a lot of the most "pretty" men end up being at least the most outwardly "based" (the bar is low still obviously). you'll usually see super pretty, naturally feminine men end up marrying older women and having comparatively successful relationships

Anonymous 19680

Based Luci knows best.

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