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media from your kokoro Anonymous 19560

Is there a piece of media that takes your heart, folds it, wraps it around itself, shreds it into small pieces and then spits it out rearranged? In other words, something that gives you a strong emotional reaction or is personally meaningful to you?
Tell me about it anon. It can be anything. For me, it's Haibane Renmei.

Anonymous 19561


It's very basic but I internalized TLOZ Wind Waker so deeply when I played it in high school. It almost feels like it's a part of me and my personality. I remember spending my summer in my basement playing it while my mother watched. When I reached Windfall Island, I started tearing up because I found the village so rich and alive and cozy. I just wanted to live there. To this day, I feel apprehensive about picking up BOTW because I feel like the story won't feel as magical and it will pale in comparison to WW.

Anonymous 19915

Did you play the WW HD on Wii U?

Anonymous 19916


Tenshi no Tamago

Anonymous 19925

Every time I finish a book that I got super into, I go into a state of mourning. I can't explain why this is but the grief is enough that I have to wait a few days before starting a new book.

I've had a bookathon the last 3 months and it's happened several times. Doesnt get any easier man

Anonymous 20026


I loved the anime like you couldn't believe.

Anonymous 20084

Feel free to roast me

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