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Anonymous 19604

Tell me where I can buy these? I need them for my lil niece. I was gonna cramp them with stickers and art supplies…

Anonymous 19605


Or if you know the brand, thx !

Anonymous 19606

Found it on http://rainbow-tree.co.kr/ under Toy → Other Character → SWIMMER on page 2. Can't read Korean so I used google chrome's auto-translate. No idea if they are in stock or if they ship internationally. Best of luck.

Anonymous 19607


Kind of interested in what a SWIMMER character even is. If anyone speaks Korean I would appreciate a translation.

Anonymous 19608


i need a translation for a lot of things.

Anonymous 19624



I only found this but it's not an actual shop sadly and the drawers in your image are way cuter

Anonymous 19640

Thank you so much! No idea how to buy these in korean moneys but… At least I can send questions about their supplier…

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