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YouTube videos/channels you watched as a kid Anonymous 19623

>Vsauce before he started doing strictly educational content
>Tom Scott
>HELP MY ANUS IS BLEEDING fishstick people? https://youtu.be/rquKFYAuCSs
>Dan and Phil

Anonymous 19625


I used to watch these cringy "FAIL Toy Reviews" all the time as a kid and I never understood any of the sexual jokes but still watched them

Anonymous 19627


>Shane Dawson
>charlieissocoolike (and the rest of his British friends like Alex Day)
>A bunch of beauty gurus like Elle and Blair, macbarbie07, DulceCandy, jLovesMac1, etc.

Anonymous 19629

Potter Puppet Pals

Anonymous 19630

This one brings me some memories.

Anonymous 19631

>Watching Youtube as a kid
Fucking Zoomers.

Anonymous 19632

ew make your own thread. no one's bothering you what's your deal?

anyways I just remembered really liking scene hair tutorials like this one.

Anonymous 19648

Aww I'm a millenial but thats cute and wierd.. bahaha youtube as a kid. It really went downhill didn't it? 2005 those were the days

Anonymous 19652

Too many to list but I think of them all fondly.

Anonymous 19656

I would spend hours watching chatroom videos on the family computer.

Anonymous 19658


Jenna Marbles and tons of Sims YouTubers (I have seen more Sims 2 teen pregnancy machinimas than I’m proud to admit) because my mom refused to buy me the game until I was in high school.

Anonymous 19659


Anonymous 19662

Oh man I just remembered this exists.

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