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Anonymous 19647

How did you interpret this movie?
Can anyone please recommend me some art films? I really loved this movie and I loved The Color of Pomegranates. Belladonna of Sadness.. though that was too much for me. I really liked Kaiba…

I am dying to watch something new but also breathtaking.

I loved the Holy Mountain and Daisies, though I thought the Holy Mountain was a little too Patriarchal… Does anyone here really get into art films and art animation? I can't remember all the things I've watched. I used to have so much media on my old hard drive. Then my computer died, so I hardly access them anymore until I get a new comp.

Anonymous 19653

Is that Angel's Egg? I watched it once, long time ago, i think it was one of those 2 deep 4 u type of deals.
Check out Neo Tokyo(1987), Memories(1995), Samsara(2011), Turksib(1929) Chronos(1985) and Koyaanisqatsi(1982) if you haven't already.

Anonymous 21495

can someone recc me anything like kaiba? I really loved that show

Anonymous 22268

This is really hard. I have thought about it for a while, but nothing on earth is like Kaiba.

Anonymous 22269

I would be really interested to discover I'm wrong though.

Anonymous 22271

Fantastic Planet is one which I would recommend, though it has a different art style to Belladonna for example

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