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Anonymous 19929

What do you guys think of Marhot Robbie and the upcoming Barbie movie?

When I was younger I really liked that movie Life Sized (the one with the girl who tried to necromancy her mum back to life with a hairbrush but accidentally brings her doll to life). I was kinda okay with those iconic but also kind of awful animated Barbie movies, y'know like Barbie princess school and all that jazz.

I'm actually looking foward to it. So far it hasn't had any weird Twitterfag backlash either.

I wonder if it'll be a kids film

Anonymous 19936

i kind of like greta gerwig films. not in a "i really like this film" kind of way, but in a "good for background noise and sometimes to watch" kind of way. i think gerwig might have an okay take on this. i liked life sized, hopefully this will be good. i think it should be.

Anonymous 20750

I wish Emerald Fennell was directing it since Promising Young Woman was nicely done
Only as long as she watched the awful(ly incredible) animated movies

Anonymous 20761

I'm sorry but I think it's gonna be shit. I would love for it to a real celebration of toys and childhood the way the Lego movie was, but I strongly suspect it will be a tone deaf mess written based more on how Barbie is "problematic" than anything kids and nostalgic adults will care about. My predictions are:
>there will be numerous oddly mean spirited jokes disparaging Barbie for being impossibly beautiful or freakishly proportioned, which will feel extremely uncomfortable because Margot Robbie is a real person who they're making fun of
>Ken will also be brutally mocked, probably played by Chris Hemsworth.
>the movie will have a message about how materialism is bad, which will directly conflict with the new line of toys based on the movie
>the script and content of the movie will not suit Greta's talents as a director because they selected her with a computer algorithm without ever watching one of her movies
>soyboy male supporting character will be played by a vaguely 'feminist' comedian who has a history of sexual misconduct that will come to light shortly before the release
>twitter will get mad for some reason, but not anything I just listed

Anonymous 20763

they should all look kind of creepy like the barbie girl video or those old Duracell commercials

Anonymous 20767

Oh dont worry, I knew it was going to be woke bullshit when I made this thread, but I'm going to try my hardest to like it because I like Barbie

Anonymous 21601

I had a sex dream about Margot Robbie last night. She kind of played coy with me at first and then later we were in the back of my car and I kissed her and rubbed my knee against her crotch. She was in the Harley Quinn outfit too

Anonymous 21617

god i really hope not. it could be such a fun movie, i really hope they're not gonna make fun of barbie herself and i REALLY hope they won't have all this super obvious and overt toned down pseudofeminist bullshit. i'd be happy if it went one of two ways
>sincere, appreciative, maybe kinda campy fun movie that just celebrates barbies history without making any huge statements
>radfem version of the joker movie (but good), barbies revenge type shit

Anonymous 21625

>radfem version of the joker movie (but good), barbies revenge type shit

I need this to exist so fucking bad.
Also >>20761 is like reading a post from Nostradamus

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