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Merch thread Anonymous 19945

I want pic related but I can't afford it, so I shall post it here as a cope. It would probably just blend into my stuff quickly and I'd forget it's there and look for something else to fill the void

Anonymous 19946


I have a Pinterest board of figures I wish I could have. Just having them together makes me feel better about not being able to buy them.

Anonymous 19977


Aww that's super cute! Though you're not willing to spend around $25?

Did the same thing of saving pics of merch that I want too and made a wishlist at myfigurecollection.net. Nendoroids, scale figures, trading figures, plushies, Re-Ment miniatures, etc. Sometimes I think of becoming a photographer to take photos and upload up to the internet if I ever have them.

Anonymous 19978


I would really love to have this Synapse figure of Goro Majima. I absolutely love him but there isn't much out there and they're way too expensive. No way I'm spending more than triple the amount of the average price. Not only that but some pics I've seen looked a little faulty compared to the official pics.

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