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Legoshi Anonymous 20060

Honestly, what is the appeal and why did Haru fall in love with Legoshi? I mean sure, he saved her from the mafia, but he's still an inconsiderate idiot who doesn't think about how his actions might hurt other peopleā€¦ are a lot of people really that into the "lovable doofus" type?

Anonymous 20061

If you want to know why Haru specifically would like him, I would chalk it up to her over all cynical attitude towards being alive and sex, so seeing the refreshingly innocent and naive Legosi's dopey take on everything while simultaneously being absolutely terrifying in relation to her bodywise shakes her out of her cynicism to the point she can actually enjoy being alive for a bit. It's the juxtaposition between something that can break you like a twig, but can't even properly formulate how they would do it that's enjoyable.

I have to say personally while I like Legosi as a character he dips too heavily into the stupid side of things sometimes in the story.

t. is married to a lovable doofus

Anonymous 20062


Reading the manga, I found myself wondering the opposite. Why does Legosi like Haru? Is it just his predator fetish??

Anonymous 20065

It pretty obviously parallels with normal male romantic interest. The surface level appearance attracted him at first (prey fetish being his comically exaggerated version), but it's the fact he can't quite understand her that brings him back again and again to liking her. One could argue that it's simply him objectifying her, and the story would support that with the fact that Legosi himself mulls over if he just likes Haru because she's a rabbit. However, this brings up a contradiction, since, if he was just viewing her as an object, he wouldn't question himself viewing her as object, as there would be no contrast, so very obviously he's having trouble integrating her person into his framework as well.

Anonymous 20106

Legosi is hot
>strong and thick
>caring and romantic
>quiet but has friends
>also lustful and might eat you
but seriously he is the opposite of "inconsiderate" anon. he reads books on other species to learn what their body language and mannerisms indicate of their mood and emotions. he's thoughtful, kind, considerate, and is the first male to view Haru as something to be protected, not something to be used for sex and thrown away. It wasn't Louis who saved her–it was Legosi.

Anonymous 20115

Anonymous 20116

download (4).jpeg

Don't care. Legosi is hot.

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