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Anonymous 20531

This fucking movie, made a fucking heroin addict. The girl at the start movie says "It beats any meat injection. That beats any fucking cock in the world." I was going through a break up at that time, why the fuck would they expose me to that shit, fucking assholes

Anonymous 20532


>backdrop of the movie shows how shitty life is as a drug user
>shows the multiple ways it has destroyed multiple peoples lives
>main characters arc revolves around showing being a heroin junkie is awful and you should just live a normal life
>baby literally dies due to neglect
<why did it make me like heroin?

Anonymous 20555

Well acid won't cause withdrawals like opioids and amphetamines so it makes sense why you'd be okay with psychedelics but not harder stuff.

Anonymous 20942

lol you missed the entire point of the movie.
Also Heroin is literally that life debilitating so any movie faithful to depicting it will show that.

Anonymous 21019

>Why did the movie about drugs expose me to drugs

Anonymous 21024

what sort of place do you live in, where you can watch a movie, go on a whim and buy drugs?

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