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Anonymous 20535

I have a morbid fear that calarts face was caused by Hiyao Miyazaki and he will never atone for this crime.

Anonymous 20541

calarts face looks nothing like miyazaki's art style.

Anonymous 20836


I think they have more resemblance to Aardman Animation

Anonymous 20837

Chihiro Crying.gif

His typical style, but I became distinctly aware that Chihiro is the only one of his female characters to have a potato shaped facce as opposed to the typical pointy chin females everywhere else. I feel this is further aggravated by scenes like this where Miyazaki will typically emote with a very wide mouth.

Chihiro is the only character to have this face type, and I just worry animation opposed dumbasses thought this was what a human face looked like.

I can see that as well, though Aardman isn't potatoface as much as Wallace is a stick with a giant mouth on it.

Anonymous 20838

kind of a reach OP

Anonymous 21677

>character has a unique face shape
>this is bad

Anonymous 22033


To the people who deny it

Anonymous 22050


No one sees this but you, OP.
Thread should be nuked for being so stupid

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