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Anonymous 20692

any of you play warband or am I the only one?

Anonymous 20693

actually ya i play napoleonic wars alot

Anonymous 20694

i do too. this game rocks

Anonymous 20695

you ever played the napoleonic wars dlc?

Anonymous 20710

it seems fun but i did not have the patience for this game.

Anonymous 20716

yeah i play with the 61e

Anonymous 21603

I used to play with napoleonic wars dlc a lot it was so fun

Anonymous 21732

I have something like 800 hours in Warband.
I was really disappointed with Bannerlord in that my SINGLE qualifier for it was to just be Warband but characters at least sit down for feasts instead of standing awkwardly.
Bannerlord doesnt even have feasts at all.

Anonymous 21781

decent game

Anonymous 21802

I lot of people don't seem to like Bannerlord much

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