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The movie was better than the book Anonymous 20802

Name movies that you think are better than the books they are based upon

Anonymous 20803

Jurassic Park

Anonymous 20808

Gone Girl and Howl's moving castle.

Anonymous 20816

Forest Gump

Anonymous 20818

The Princess Diaries

Anonymous 20819

i don't think so. the movie was really good but the books were better. the mediator was a good series of hers

Anonymous 20820

He goes to space with a chimp in the book, that was pretty fun

Anonymous 20900

Twilight, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bird box, HtTYD, The Chronicles of Narnia, Dark Planet

Anonymous 21014

Anything Kubrick did, especially The Shining. Get fucked, Stephen King.

Anonymous 24570

All Harry Potter movies
(Sorry for diggin up corpses)

Anonymous 24572

I do not agree with Narnia.

Anonymous 24573

Prince of Egypt

Anonymous 24575

lord of the rings

Anonymous 24836


Perfect Blue stands out to me in this regard.

Anonymous 24838

Anonymous 24859

Anonymous 25076

Fucking yes, somebody finally had the guts to say it.

Anonymous 27129

I really like the book, it was funny

Anonymous 27130

Agree with the Shining although it's not very similar to the book.
A Dog of Flanders is nothing compared to the anime adaptation, they made a masterpiece out of a very ho-hum book.
I was really excited to read the Slayers light novel after it was finally translated but I thought the humor was a miss and I was disappointed compared to the show.

Anonymous 27131

Some moid on 4chan told me the book is even funnier than the movie but I still need to read it.

Anonymous 27143

Blade Runner probably better than Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? though they aren't completely similar and I like the book, too

Anonymous 27145

fight club

Anonymous 27151

Not the ending though

Anonymous 27159

The American Psycho book isnt bad but honestly it has too much graphic detail of the murder scenes (especially the murdering women scenes). I feel like Ellis didn't know why the story was good and was just writing random shit about his life + violent fantasies, knowing it was ridiculous but not knowing why. But Mary Harron (the director of the movie version) understood what this type of male represents in our society and knew how to pick the good parts out.

But there are some funny moments in the book that aren't in the movie, like this one scene where he buys a bunch of crack off a guy off the street and then literally eats it lmao

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