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Anonymous 21034

What do you like about fujoshi?

Anonymous 21035

As a yumejo they are my mortal enemy.

Anonymous 21040

Not a fujo anymore but I still like how butthurt moids and gaydens get over them

Anonymous 21041

nta but same, well put let the fujos do their thing its a nice buffer

Anonymous 21052

i like how much they make moids seethe

Anonymous 21056

my mere existence makes self-insert m*ids and FtM trannies seethe

Anonymous 21128


Anonymous 21130

but what the moids are gay and think your ship is top-tier?

Anonymous 21137

How much they make people seethe and some of them have god-tier art skills.

Anonymous 21156



Yaoi is trash 99% of the time but so is everything else I guess
It's just the experiences I've had as a fujo and with other fujos both IRL and online have made me really not want to have anything to do with them anymore, some of them also get really fucking crazy over super petty details like which guy should fuck which dude or (especially in the JP side) which one should be top or bottom (they seriously get insanely mad over the ship name having the "wrong" order lmao), some of them really get triggered if one of their favorite guys is with a woman, and their overall behavior is also rather annoying, but no biggie
Besides I also hate how fujos make characters I like completely OOT just to fit their assigned uke or seme role, but again, no big deal (AUs exist after all), and it's not as common now as it used to be.

I like some yaoi every once in a while, and I really enjoy some gay pairings, but I also don't want to make every single male friendship gay and sexual, sometimes they're much better and cuter as rivals or friends or what have you, you know? But fujos can't have that, so they hate you for not preferring the explicitly gay interpretation. Etc. etc.

Anonymous 21175

People everywhere get petty over stupid details. Its human nature. You talk about smut like its supposed to be well thought out though? How much porn is well thought out? Maybe don't take it so seriously you're starting to sound like them.

Personally I'm just glad it exists period. As opposed to other garbage in the sea. When it is done well it is better than most things and I'd put it in the .0001% amazing things on this earth.

Anonymous 21176

Then I want to know what else they're reading!

Anonymous 21179


Also this, some have REALLY great art skills. I accidentally started shipping Komahina because of the stellar fanart I was seeing around, played the game, and then realised I wasn't even that keen on shipping them aside from the fanart

Anonymous 21188

To be a fujo is to worship men even moreso that regular. Fuck men, fuck boy worshiping media.

Anonymous 21194

fujos only "worship" fictional men and many are febfems or just date each other irl.
and idk if "worship" is necessarily the right term because of lot of BL actually depicts violence towards men.

Anonymous 21258

>and idk if "worship" is necessarily the right term because of lot of BL actually depicts violence towards men.
lmao shit argument. Most of that "violence" is extremely romanticized like in shojo romance, and I bet you can't name a single time that BL has had violence towards male characters as a reflection of the author's hatred towards men. Also, you're kinda contradicting yourself there, since you said fujos only worship fictional men (which sometimes is true, other times not), but also that the violence depicted in BL is.


I understand being mad at anyone who shits on yaoi for being for women, since yaoi has been "a girl thing" par excellence for decades. But "our equivalent for porn" can also be yume art/otome/TL for those of us who are tired of flicking it to gay anime boys.
>It is definitely not worshipping men
Not even the anon you're replying to, but it is no coincidence that there's an overlap between fujos and FtM/auto-androphiles. It almost happened to me, too, and only recently I realized that I wasn't the only one and it was way more common than I imagined.
Also, fujos tend to loathe female characters, how the fuck is that not worshipping men.

Anonymous 21259

*but also that the violence depicted in BL is supposed to mean that they don't worship them.

Anonymous 21260

fujos are kewl cuz they make men seethe on /y/

Anonymous 21278

Is it true that /y/ has been dominated by whiny gay men for a few years now? I heard that they'll bitch at anything that isn't fat and hairy bara men

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