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~Feel good~ songs Anonymous 21057

Music you listen to for motivation, brightening up, self care etc.

What makes you feel good and capable?

Anonymous 21058

Anonymous 21059

I felt that the anime was kind of mediocre, but the opening for the second season was so cute. I always wanna get up and shower and doll myself up for the day ahead when I hear it.

Anonymous 21060

Anonymous 21061

Anonymous 21062

This song pumps me up so much.

Anonymous 21063

This takes me back. Oh no..

Anonymous 21064

Anonymous 21065

Perfume always lifts my spirits up as soon as any song of theirs comes up on my mix, almost all their songs are so cheery and nice.

Anonymous 21066

I love Perfume! This is my favorite song of theirs

Anonymous 21067

also known as the intro for the Kuragehime anime. It's so cute and bittersweet, it makes me feel things.

Anonymous 21068

That's weird. I almost posted that like 20 mins ago but got sidetracked.

Anonymous 21069


aw sis <3

Anonymous 21070

they call me ms fahrenheit

Anonymous 21071

this was the first song i ever heard from them. i love how upbeat it is and it's so cute. definitely my favorite as well!

Anonymous 21072

Not exactly similar to the other linked videos but I find this song really comfy

Anonymous 21073

habe a cute song

Anonymous 21074

>don't judge me

*I mean to rule the earth, as he the sky,
We really know our worth, the sun and I*

Anonymous 21075

i know it's overplayed, but let it flow through you, open yourself to it. appreciate it

Anonymous 21076

i'm really enjoying these 80's remixes for the last few days, it's great for getting pumped and in a better mood.

Anonymous 21077

This is going to sound weeb af, but 100% Yuuki (100% courage).
They even used this song to make a video after the Fukushima earthquake, using the most famous japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon etc (it has english CC).

Also , One Piece opening #15 "Here we go". (i dont watch One Piece but saw one ep when I was visiting Japan and the song was too good)

Anonymous 21078

10/10 upbeat song with cute af aesthetic

Anonymous 21079

The entire Red Summer album is so catchy. I love the uplifting care free vibes, it's a pretty short listen so it's perfect to play during morning showers.

Anonymous 21080

Kero Kero Bonito are my go to upbeat band. I love the lyrics to this song, and they even used my favourite animal crossing music as a sample for one of their other songs, "lets go to the forest."

Anonymous 21081

Shawn Wasabi makes some of the cutest happy-making songs I've ever heard

Anonymous 21082

Goose House. They have such catchy, cute songs and lots of great jpop covers. They only upload themselves performing the songs instead of the studio versions and you can just see how much fun they have.

Anonymous 21083

Anonymous 21084

Anonymous 21085


Naruto openings and ending are highkey lit just saying.


Anonymous 21086

The power of friendship, man. Never fails.

Anonymous 21087

Ohh Goose House. They never fail to put me in a good mood.
Their original song Hikaru Nara was used as OP song for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

Anonymous 21088

I listen to this song pretty much anytime I need motivation. The whole album is amazing though.
I love Kero Kero Bonito! Their songs are so cute. I listen to "Waking Up" whenever I'm feeling down and it always manages to put a smile on my face.

Anonymous 21089

I know, I know… bad taste. sorry. I'm not even a weeb, but this one touches me so fucking deeply. ugh, I love this song. It also brings me memories of someone I sort of mistreated in the past. I'd make things different now if I could go back in time. It's a personal feel good song anyway though, go figure…

Anonymous 21090


I know this thread is dead, but I’ve been loving the 80’s remixes as well. My favorite is the Poker Face remix. It gets me so hyped.

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