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Peach Anonymous 2147

Do you use it?
It's a bit whimsical and feels more intimate because it doesn't have a lot of users.

Share your username if you want!

Anonymous 2148

I've wanted to but I don't know anyone who uses it.

Anonymous 2149

what's peach? another imageboard?

Anonymous 2150


It's a social media app where you use "magic words" as commands for cute features. You don't get a centralized feed, it shows you who has recently posted and you scroll each user's feed individually.

Anonymous 2152


Seems cute.

Anonymous 2153


This looks kawaii, I will try this. Might be fun to use as a diary.

@floatybubbles add me :3

Anonymous 2155

That seems like a lot of effort. I'd love to see Facebook die and for everyone to move somewhere else but I don't think this is the sit that will cause that if it's complicated.

Anonymous 2160

Seems fun, @shippu.

Anonymous 2164

OP here, I don't really use it as a Facebook alternative. In fact I use it because it's nice to have a more quiet, isolated space without everyone and their aunt being able to access it. I put my normie shit on FB and my angst on Peach. It's satisfies my inner Tumblrina but without the terrible community on Tumblr.

Anonymous 2166

I made an account @coconutty

Anonymous 2184

This shit died years ago, OP. How behind the times are you?

Anonymous 2185


It is, which is precisely why it never caught on.




It went the same direction as Minty, yet another Instagram alternative. The only reason why its obsessed over is because of the ~*kawaii*~ icon and color scheme, but other than that its literally just a more secretive Twitter-Tumblr hybrid with nothing going for it but a smaller userbase of people who forget to log in for weeks on end as it is.

Anonymous 5672


this is dead but i'll go ahead and try

here's mine @lopunnies

Anonymous 5677

whatever i'll try this i'm @spaceflower

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