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Anonymous 21486

Thread of non-conventionally-attractive anime men

Anonymous 21487

I want Dr. Kenzo Tenma to do surgery on MY heart

Anonymous 21488


>non-conventionally attractive
what do you mean by that? Just not a typical bishie?
Cuz there are different types of attractive anime men, it's just that some are more popular than others. In that sense I guess you could call them "unconventionally attractive".
Or do you mean, in addition to not being a bishie, having a specific set of traits (including but not limited to facial hair)?

Anonymous 21489


Do you mean someone like this?

Anonymous 21490

I'm not a weeb, what do I need to search for to find anime men that look like the bottom row of that image?

Anonymous 21492


The question is vague, but I would pick Dedue from FE: 3 Houses. He loves taking great care of his flowers and cooking, and despite his stoic demeaner, he is really caring and loyal. I really wish I had a hubby like him.

Anonymous 21508


Well, I don't know exactly what to search on Pixiv and specific sites, but from left to right they are:
男前 - otokomae (dunno how to translate this lol): perhaps the manliest of the six, this or ii otoko
ハンサム - hansamu (literally "handsome" in English): not sure how to describe this look but if you search it up you could get some Gakuen Handsome results lmao
いい男 - ii otoko (I would translate this as "good-looking man" but I don't know enough Japanese to be sure): a more naturally masculine and mature look than bishonen (slightly older men too, generally in their 20s)

Keep in mind that I'm mainly basing these descriptions off the many versions of this drawing meme I've seen lmao

Also read Golden Kamuy, it's full of characters that could be described as "unconventionally attractive" though they have weird features as you can see here haha (there's some fanservice as well)

Anonymous 21510


Here's another hehe
Also bara artists sometimes draw men that I think you would like, but Japanese sites have terrible tagging systems so I can't think of any tags in particular right now
In western sites, I guess you could search "anime dilf" or something like that, there's a twitter account that posts adult fictional men that they call "dilf" every day

Anonymous 21511


Oh but overall it depends on the artist's style, in my opinion. Some artists can't draw anything non-bishie for shit. Others draw more mature and handsome men perfectly.
This character is Kojima Yatarou from the otome game Nise no Chigiri.

Anonymous 21512


This one is Tougi Kanehisa and yes, he's also romanceable.

Anonymous 21514

Thanks! I mostly use danbooru, but I'll give pixiv a try, I was always hesitant because all the tags are in moonrunes.

Anonymous 21550


>I mostly use danbooru
Ohhh that's the thing, there isn't a booru/shimmie imageboard for women (as far as I know; booru.org's list of boorus doesn't have any). Therefore, all boorus have a male gaze bias, even though there is also art of attractive anime men, but that's not the default, while pretty anime girls are.
I discussed this with other women in a certain 4chan general, and was even getting ready to make one myself specially for female gaze art, but booru.org doesn't have board creation open right now.
Anyway, I think in that case, your best bet would be to click on random tags for series that have lots of male characters in it, and then go into each character's tag (there's probably gonna be less art of them than of the female characters). That's how I find good stuff sometimes.
>I was always hesitant because all the tags are in moonrunes.
That's been somewhat solved recently with tag community translations. AFAIK you can search for something in English/roman characters as long as it's the equivalent of an already existing Japanese tag. Haven't tried it though, I prefer using Japanese tags just to be sure.

I forgot, you can also try using the term 美青年 (biseinen). It's basically bishonen but older than teens. It may also include the kind of character you're looking for, so give it a try.

Anonymous 21551


More good sources for "unconventionally attractive" anime men:

>shonen manga/anime (the adult characters) for example Aizawa from MHA

>seinen manga/anime (Monster, which is where the OP image comes from, is a seinen manga)
>some josei manga
>some otome or BL games (some are like this, others feature younger bishonen characters, some have a mix of both)
>fighting games
>unironically Pokémon (loads and loads of human characters and there's a huge variety of men, tho that means some are popular and others are extremely obscure)

Picrel is from Tokyo Houkago Summoners, a mobage advertised as an "LGBT game" meaning most of the characters appeal to bara fans and are drawn in that style (though there is some variety).

Anonymous 21552


Also OP you didn't say what you mean by that. Just… older guys??
pls help me help you

Anonymous 21555


Can we post real men or will we get banned for it. =( I have know of an unconventional attractive man but he's also dead and from 180 years ago….

Anonymous 21556

Why must you be dead.. why…='(

Anonymous 21557

Mayor of NYC circa 1845

Anonymous 21558


I bet he wasn't "unconventionally attractive" back then. He looks like he was considered pretty handsome in the 19th century. love the glasses and smugness tho, reminds me of picrel
Also no, I don't think real-life people are allowed ITT

Anonymous 21561

Older doesn't mean not attractive, and the OP pic doesn't look that old, maybe late thirties at most.

Anonymous 21562

I don't think you'd get banned for it, but yeah OP was asking for anime men.

Anonymous 21568

For a lot of female anime fans, particularly the younger ones but sometimes also adults, any anime boy past 18 is ugly, especially if he has facial hair and not androgynous features, so it's hard to guess what someone means by "unconventionally attractive".

Anonymous 22031

I like both. Men like that are to die for though.. Holy fuggin.. He had 10 children he did not fail to get busy lmao. But he had no pictures of his family or wife Sarag Craig which really is a let down. I bet she was pretty. They were supposed to have been insanely in love with each other. Fun facts :oo

Anonymous 22032

Also the mobs that ran NYC at the time really drove him insane and gave him the runaround. You can watch gangs of new york for perspective its a damn good movie.

Anonymous 24304

What do you mean non-conventionally attractive? Tenma is good looking and has a very good personality, he should be what most man strive for.

Anonymous 24305


tbh in context to other anime he'd be unconventional–mostly because he's actually realistically drawn and…ok this might be controversial but I just think Monster has a harsh style.
half the Japanese men I see around looks cuter/better to me than how Tenma is drawn even though he'd probably be a complete dreamboat irl.

Anonymous 24342


does abbacchio count as non-conventionally attractive? I think he's the hottest jojo guy but it seems he's too androgynous for most people

Anonymous 24350


My Higurashi husband

Anonymous 24439


me but with bruno.

Anonymous 24453

Anonymous 24456

NTAYRT but compared to other men in the same manga, yeah he's pretty fucking hot. But the art style makes him look less conventionally attractive compared to hot men in other series.

Anonymous 24585

johnny joestar.jpe…

bruno is one of my favorites too
so many good jojo men

Anonymous 24600


I love his edginess wit and may fell in love even more when I found out he has long white hair.

Anonymous 24601

How is this unconventional? It's not anime either

Anonymous 24689


Please accept this as a token of apology.

Anonymous 24690


Most fanart cleans him up a lot.

Anonymous 24694


Anonymous 24695

Anonymous 24697

That's alright. Now this is what I'd call an unconventionally attractive anime man.

I've been reading Monster recently, he is so damn handsome

Anonymous 24700


Mein Übermensch

Anonymous 24717


Anonymous 26424


I want to lock him up in my basement

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