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Lit club Anonymous 21573

Would CC be interested in starting a book club? We could all read the same book in a month and discuss. If your interested, what book would you want to read? Please suggest something that is free somewhere, libgen is a good place to look.

Anonymous 21574



I kind of wanted to read this next but if you guys are interested and want to read a fiction book I'll do that too. I have some stuff by Richard Brautigan downloaded.

Anonymous 21575

That sounds like a cool idea
Choosing a book might be difficult with so many different types of taste to account for
Here are some books that are on my list to read anyway
>Wuthering Heights
>Anna Karenina
>Moby Dick
>War of the World's
>Great Expectations
>Wealth of Nations
>The Prince
>Sophie's World

Anonymous 21576

I'd like it, it would expand my reading habits beyond fanfics!

Anonymous 21589

I'd be down to read the prince

Anonymous 21597


>Wealth of Nations
>The Prince
Wat? [said the lesbian]

I nominate Memoirs of Hadrian, or Whose Names Are Unknown

Anonymous 21640

91VSsOPxQ L.jpg

Just let me know what book you pick so I can read it! Preferably something that's free online.

As for suggestions, I have Iliad and Odyssey by Homer somewhere in my room, never read either and would love a reason to, but if it's not something a lot of you are interested in I can save that suggestion for some month where we're short on reading ideas. Just mentioning because another anon brought it up.

Anonymous 21641

Anything is free with lib.gen

Anonymous 21649

1. lib.gen isn't the link, its libgen.is
2. Still has a lot of stuff not on it, I was going to suggest 100 Years of Solitude but libgen didnt have it

Anonymous 21650

I'll read any of these:
>The Prince
>Woman's Mysteries of a Primitive People
>Anna Karenina

Of course feel free to suggest something else, I think we should pick something by October 1st and begin reading then.

Anonymous 21651

I love Wuthering Heights I'd be down to discuss this with all of you
I'm currently reading Anna Karenina, this thread is perfect and all of these suggestions sound great

Anonymous 21661

I'll read Wuthering Heights, I read the description and it sounds really excellant.
Would anyone else be interested in reading that? So far 3 people are interested, >>21575 , >>21651 and myself

Anonymous 21666

We could read Letters from the Earth by Mark Twain

Anonymous 21667

The first of October sounds good. Should we start earlier though?

Anonymous 21669

Since Halloween is approaching, can we do horror lit? Something Lovecraftian or anything. PLease someone make a goodreads club.

Anonymous 21670

Sure, suggest something that is for free download somewhere and see if anyone is interested
I just wanted to give plenty if time to pick out a book that people would be interested in, I'm waiting for more people to show interest in one of the books.

Anonymous 21675

A good intro to Lovecraft is Call of Cthulhu. Everything is available on libgen. I can send a link if anyone is interested.

Anonymous 21752

I'm down to read that but I would prefer wuthering heights

Anonymous 21774

Its getting close, do we want to start reading now?
I think Wuthering Heights has the most interest, so lets read that. The other books suggestions are really cool though and could definetly work in the future!
Any objections?
Reply to this post with "yay" id interested and "nay" if not. Do not vote twice. If you vote "nay"provide an alternative.

Anonymous 21775

Btw, Wutherinf Heights is free through google and I'm sure through libgen if you look.

Anonymous 21776

if anyone wants the pdf, epub or kindle version here is a link to get a good version

Anonymous 21777

Lets set the vote to close in 2 days, on September 26 at 12:00 pm EST

Anonymous 21778

A good book for next month would be the Glass Castle, it really is an amazing book and you all should read it.


We could also read War and Peace, or any of the other books suggested after we read Wuthering Heights.

Anonymous 21875

Late yay! I'll start reading it on my way to and from uni.

Anonymous 21909

How exactly would this work? Is there a deadline for us to discuss it? I've never been in a lit club :/

Anonymous 21916

I've never been in a book club either but I am pretty sure you're supposed to try and finish the book within a month if you can. Since this is an online thing I guess we are allowed to comment as we read, and finish, without having to wait for the end of the month.

Anonymous 22204

Bump. Has anyone started it yet? Im starting in a few days

Anonymous 22272

What a great book that was! I head good things about it and tried reading in a couple of years ago but was discouraged at ye old english
Reading it now was so interesting

Anonymous 22288

I want to read something like the king in yellow.. but I've already read all of lovecraft, house of leaves and junji ito…. I want a BOOK that reads like the yellow king.

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