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Brand New Cherry Flavor Anonymous 21784

Have you seen it? I'm halfway through and it's really interesting so far. It gets kinda uncomfortable at times (more horror/gore than I expected, but also in terms of the main character's experiences) but it's always intriguing and the two female leads are really great.

Anonymous 21801


Day 1 of bumping this thread in hopes someone will see my post on the front page and get interested in watching

Anonymous 21837

I think Jeff Ward is super cute, but I have a feeling from the trailer that it's not really my thing (too wierd/violent) and his character wouldn't be that important anyway.

Anonymous 21851


His character is central, however he's pretty much a direct subversion of a random female love interest in an action movie. He's totally inconsequential to the plot, just enamoured with the lead and willing to tag along for whatever.
It was sooo much more violent than I expected, but you don't miss out on much if you skip through the gory scenes. A lot of the time they're just drawn out for extra discomfort.

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