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Favorite character bingo Anonymous 21951

Post your faves, rate the tastes of other miners!

Anonymous 21961

Too many spaces to fill out, not enough patience.
I hope someone else replies though

Anonymous 21962

Why a bingo sheet? That doesn't make any sense. A simple 3x3 would work. Unless the game is someone else picks your favorites off your favorite chart to bingo? That's kind of stupid.

Anonymous 22083


thats way too big op im not filling that out
as punishment youll have to endure my very poor ms paint downscaling skills

Anonymous 22459


I'm not a coomer I swear

Anonymous 22460


let's love lain

Anonymous 22467


>tfw can't think of any "favorite characters" that aren't my husbandos and waifus
>except for that one favorite character I explicitly remember because I don't see him like that
Goddamn I'm really lonely aren't I?

Anonymous 22471


also skipped the bingo part

Anonymous 22472


make one anyway, anon!

Anonymous 22473

Paranoid about being recognized on other sites, so unfortunately I'll have to pass.

Anonymous 22491

fave characters.jp…

With FMA, Fate, Postal 2, Yume Nikki, Tf2 and Higurashi my chart really stinks of early 2000s.
Also, I know Gondola is technically not a character, but I still really love him.

Anonymous 22494


Will we ever get a bingo in this thread?

Anonymous 22510

based fellow solaire and doomguy enjoyer

Anonymous 27302


i didn't put them all in the squares but here is my list
alice cullen… omg I love her too. If I felt so strongly about twilight like i used to, i'd have put leah clearwater. i felt so much for her… people constantly shat on her as a character.

Anonymous 27303


Anonymous 27305

Bingo! But putting Mulder and Scully on the same row is cheating.

Anonymous 27306

Inclusion of Clone High makes me happy.

Anonymous 27308

Off urself

Anonymous 27311


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