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Splatoon 3 Anonymous 21953

What are your thoughts on it so far? Callie best girl

Anonymous 22857

>What are your thoughts on it so far?

I wish Nintendo would make Splatoon 3 free and would support the esports scene more strongly. Splatoon is a fantastic game but they are treating it like Mario or Zelda. It's not a single player game - Nintendo ONLY benefits if more people are playing it, and keeping it behind a paywall prevents that.

There hasn't been too much information released for Splatoon 3 yet, looks like some new weapons dropped and a new stage, but mechanics will stay mostly the same. I don't really anticipate any major changes to the gameplay honestly.
I will get it and play it of course but it's going to more Splatoon for people who like Splatoon. That's it.

Anonymous 22866

callie aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Anonymous 22920

>callie best girl

sorry that's a typo i meant marina

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