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whump Anonymous 21999

Does anyone here read or write whump? I'm kind of curious. There seems to be a lot of cross over between whump fans and fujos, afterall.

Anonymous 22000

never heard of it

Anonymous 22002

I like drawing and looking at art of cute boys being hurt but I don't know where to start with finding fanfic/original fics about the topic.

Anonymous 22003

Try tumblr, I've found a few pretty decent blogs, or look for fandom specific stuff on AO3

Anonymous 22004

The "whump" label annoys me because "angst" was perfectly fine.

Anonymous 22005

angst and whump are typically seen as different things. That, or angst is seen as a subgenre of whump. Angst is more about the emotional aspect of it. Whump is more about the act.

Anonymous 22028

Is there such a thing as hospital whump? I love hospitals. I don't like the idea of hurting people but I loove hospitals.

Anonymous 22037

yes oh my god, there's plenty. Are you looking for more like, realistic stuff where someone's just kind of having a bad time in a hospital/sickfic or more like someone's being tortured in a hospital because I can find both.

Anonymous 22040


not op but PLEAASEE recommend some, i’ve been trying to find some good whump stories but most of the ones i find read like they’re written by 10yos

Anonymous 22042

Also not op, can you please share some involving torture thank you

Anonymous 22044

Tell me this is a joke???

Anonymous 22047

Sorry for the wait. Ok so these are going to be tumblr blogs, I tend to find the best originals there.
Okay, so I’m gonna start with general recs. My all time favorite blog is this one https://ashintheairlikesnow.tumblr.com/post/623908755816497152/masterlists-masterpost
She writes medical stuff occasionally, especially when she's writing about boxboy stuff. The box boy/babe universe is a sort of whumplr thing based on the concept of like people being sold as slaves and there's a lot of worldbuilding invovled, but the exact canon will vary between blogs.
This person also writes BBU whump, with slightly mixed quality. https://haro-whumps.tumblr.com/post/189851461413/box-boy-masterlist
One of the most popular whump blogs on tumblr is https://whump-tr0pes.tumblr.com/ Honor bound is like a must read.
Whumpiary is good too, really like what I’ve read of it, very interesting plot. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E786ebVvP-f4teX-dLK_evgXlaX0WrCzct70ThZsmFQ/edit#gid=1955837640
Also, this post here has a ton of whump creators tagged, and most of them are pretty good: https://caddy-whump-us.tumblr.com/post/650555624934014976/sideblogformindtrash-milk-carton-whump

Now, more specific fic recs for hospital stuff specifically:
This orchidscript one is pretty good. Orchidscript tends to have a good variety of posts
Wildfaewhump does a lot of inhuman medical torture stuff that I personally like a lot, especially the like, more gooey, comfort stuff https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mH80y_0ByM82UEOXnWEPSqv1cPW4FFNl0x_e_75_rcg/edit
I liked this one, but the writing style is eh https://evermetnotforgotten.tumblr.com/post/663634323532103680/i-will-be-doing-my-obligatory
This is a very good, non-torture focused piece https://ashintheairlikesnow.tumblr.com/post/633341417737027585/whumptober-day-29-emergency-room
And this is another good one, although it’s slightly more intentional

I found a really good blog a while back with an original universe set in a 1950’s asylum, but for some reason I can’t find it. If I find it, I will definitely link it. If I think of anything else, I’ll link it. If you want something else or more specific, I can go looking for it also.

Anonymous 22066

Thank you very much, this is some good fucking food

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