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Anonymous 22009

anyone else just can’t read actual books anymore? i used to love reading when i was younger but now whenever i genuinely pick up a book and try to read it my brain just mindlessly scans over the text and it doesn’t process them as actual sentences but as single words strung together. is this like a normal thing??

Anonymous 22010

I know what you mean anon. I simply can't read print for some reason. I can read longass internet threads on phone or pc but..

I have switched to audiobooks now

Anonymous 22011

In the digital age this is normal. Force yourself to read at least 1 page of a book more each day and you will gain your abilities back. Pick something that actually interests you, maybe something easy like a kid's book. If you really want to fix this you can.

Anonymous 22012

yes until last year. i couldnt read anything other than fanfics or blog posts and occasionally listened to audiobooks but i randomly decided to pick up a book that seemed interesting, then looked for similar books after i finished. mostly i just read cringy YA stuff but i was surprised that i was reading at all. now i usually read daily or at least a couple times a week. i was a yt addict before (spent like 8+ hrs daily watching)
sorry if this post seems like humblebragging, im a genuine retard so if i can read books im sure you can

Anonymous 22013

Yes, it's normal. Just practise and you'll be able to read books again.

My attention span used to be very bad. I could never concentrate and always got distracted by the internet since I read e-books on a tablet. One day, I just got fed up with how I needed a month or even more to finish one single book (I usually read book series) and forced myself to really sit down and read through a whole chapter even if it meant repeating a single paragraph or sentence several times. Since then it's become easier to read.

Anonymous 22014

Print is more encouraging to read books, but even then, my attention span and reading abilities have significantly decreased since I was a kid. I remember reading the last Narnia book in just one week when I was around 11. Now I can't even get past 2 pages.

Anonymous 22015

I think I'm retarded, I can read and understand and internalize hundreds of fanfiction chapters, but as soon as I pick a physical book I start yawning after 2 minutes and get sleepy.

Anonymous 22016

same problem here, i can read long walls of text on my phone and computer but as soon as i pick up a physical book i fall asleep

Anonymous 22017

The difference is you're (presumably) imagining entirely new worlds and characters and concepts which is more difficult than imagining characters and worlds you are already familiar with in new situations. That doesn't mean you can't do it. Just keep trying to read regular books.

Anonymous 22018

triple banhammer o…

I think yeah, this likely applies to me big.

I'm assuming it's highly generalized, so being like my whole ability to focus in a severely worn down state. Consequently, I've shoved modern distractions out of reach. And generally tech too.

But that might have just made the problem even worse. So I figure I need to try reintroducing that shit in safe-ish increments…

Anonymous 22019

Same. Wish I could go back to a dumb phone, but they’re only usable in Japan, as they don’t work with 4G or 5G.

Anonymous 22020

It's not that hard to get back to books. You just have to read a little bit every day and you'll get there. I recommend fiction to get back into it, even if you're more of a non-fiction person. The conceit of a narrative should grip you more easily than something difficult or technical. Once you're back in the habit of reading physical print, you'll quickly be able to read whatever you like while retaining and understanding it.

Just be aware you have a finite amount of time on Earth. Use your time wisely.

Anonymous 22021

Yeah lots of us have technology induced ADD. I recently forced myself to read again and I've been doing better, and enjoying it too.
Its just so hard to get started when imageboards and shitposting are so much more enticing.

Anonymous 22022

At the start of the pandemic when politics and riots were getting out of control I decided to quit all social media/news and read books. I read like 30 books last year and just can't stop reading. I feel like I've learned a lot and grown as a person, plus it's great when people start trying to talk to me about current events I know nothing about and just give them a "whoa, that's crazy" without getting emotionally invested at all.

Anonymous 22023


I will admit that I'm not a big reader but relate to this sort of thing to an extent, I'd have trouble mentally processing what I was reading. Like, I wouldn't be able to convert the words in a mental picture, even when I was reading the Great Gatsby in school, if it wasn't for hearing people in my class read some scenes aloud, I wouldn't know what was going on in certain scenes. Especially if the book starts with the musings of the main character and not a solid scene of what's going on. Recently,however, I've been reading the Moomin books and I have no problem (probably because they're literally children's book kek)

Anonymous 22024

I have one that's 4G and not a smartphone, it's a modernized flip phone. I think the target audience is grandpas who get lost on smartphones. There's stuff like voice-to-text and predictive text to make it a bit easier to use than old flip phones and you still have an internet browser and camera, they just suck.
I don't know what's compatible with your provider but they do exist. Mine is from Alcatel and I know Nokia makes them although I don't know where you buy them.

Anonymous 22025

Holy shit. Me too. For some reason I can barely read more than two pages without struggling to stay awake. What is wrong with me

Anonymous 22026

Yes, there always seems to be so much unnecessary info-rubbish in the text, whereas I just want the facts.

Anonymous 22027


>my brain just mindlessly scans over the text and it doesn’t process them as actual sentences but as single words strung together. is this like a normal thing??
No it is not at all. You either forgot, somehow, how to read critically at the level of your age, or you simply are not paying attention whatsoever.
I guess you should start with pic related and reading it attentively and then begin reading collections of essays by reputable authors or editors so as to start small.

Unironically speaking, this is such a troublesome thing in all matters of life since you could easily get scammed or make a huge mistake that will mess up your life pretty badly until you die or something.

Anonymous 22064

I have the exact same issue. I think the ability to obtain literally anything on the internet within seconds and everything being made in such a short format has ruined our attention spans. It actually extends to more than just books for me, I also find it difficult to write letters/emails, listen to an entire music album or even sit through a normal-length film. I often find myself checking my phone when I'm doing things I actually enjoy and should be dedicating my entire attention to in that moment.

Something that has helped me is deleting all addictive social media apps that encourage viewing/reading short pieces of information (e.g. Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram) and forcing myself to read. If I don't enjoy something, I just stop reading and move onto the next thing. Your goal isn't to force yourself into reading something just because you feel like you should, but to finish a book that you actually enjoy.

A lot of books that have been recommended to me are fiction and I've come to realise that I much prefer reading non-fiction/biographies. Once you've completed a few books in the genre you like, then you can start to branch out to whatever else other people are raving about. Don't feel pressured into reading something just because it's a "classic" or on some top 10 Goodreads list because you'll just skim over the words and absorb nothing, find something that excites you and makes you want to read it every free moment you have!

Anonymous 22067

thank you for the advice anons ^^ gonna try and read a history book soon LOL i hope it goes well


i forgot to add this only happens when i read books physically, i can read essays and stories online on a screen with no problem, but as soon as it’s on paper it’s like my brain shuts down

Anonymous 22078


>i can read essays and stories online on a screen with no problem, but as soon as it’s on paper it’s like my brain shuts down
Ah, that's great then.

Yes, regarding this issue, other anons have already answered it quite well like >>22064, telling you how attention-gathering apps have killed human focus, and the only way to gain it back is to read things you enjoy. I second this as not having any social media whatsoever (except for image boards and only browsing the best ones) has helped me improve my literacy and vocabulary quite a lot in a short amount of time by reading literary magazines and other, interesting non-fiction.
Notwithstanding this fact though, you can always move all literature you like to an electronic form like an e-reader or your laptop/phone – especially considering how there are even library services that will provide you with e-books for you to borrow in the apps they use, which I love. So, if you're having a lot of trouble going back to physical books after a week or so, continue reading in an electronic form, but also increase using physical books little by little so as to adapt to them again. Best if you can read them well the same level you do with reading essays online.

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