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Hololive Anonymous 22065

I've got into the hololive scene but the most active discussion threads are all on 4chan…Are there also girls who like them?

Anonymous 22073


Hololive girls are unfunny, and not entertaining in the slightest, sorry OP but you have bad taste.

Anonymous 22075

I'd like to start watching some, but I'm not sure where to begin. Most of the english ones don't really seem like my thing. Any recs that aren't like super moe/annoying?

Anonymous 22077

I like Fubuki, Pekora, Subaru, and Korone and actively follow them. I don't really enjoy the tone of Mio or Okayu's streams, but I don't think anything negative of them (their personas are just not for me). If they're involved in collabs, though, I don't mind and think they play well off of others.

I don't really vibe with a lot of the EN girls, but Ina is very chill. I don't care to watch art streams, though. Irys has a very beautiful voice, but I honestly don't like her character design much.

I still have lots of members I haven't really bothered to go out of my way to watch. Been meaning to check out Kanata since she seems sweet.

You couldn't fucking pay me enough to watch Rushia, Luna, or Mumei.

Anonymous 22082

I like Irys and Ina, they lean more into the chill type. Irys especially is really sweet.

Anonymous 22110


>I've got into the hololive scene but the most active discussion threads are all on 4chan
Yes. /vt/ pretty much has a Westerner fan monopoly on what's going on with Hololive. Even the websites outside of 4chan are pretty much just /vt/ anons leading the way to people who don't know about /vt/.
>Are there also girls who like them?
Yes, but it depends on the vtuber, specifically speaking, as I am certain there are some that have a 100% male fanbase, like Haato.
The HoloEN of choice in CC seems to be Ina, but I like Ame too 'cause of her contagious laugh.

Anonymous 22123

I like beatani (she's my favorite)

Anonymous 22449

I do! I got introduced to Korone during the first few months of quarantine and her streams saved me a little from being too depressed, helps that I can understand some Japanese. And I love all the girls except for the quieter ones like one of the anons mentioned. But I don't watch any of their streams these days, just clipped videos. Is Irys your favourite, OP?

Anonymous 22483


yeah, i fucking love fauna

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