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Anonymous 22144

I’m losing my mind. In some tv show, there’s an episode where one of the male leads gets a new gf, which only appears for that episode or maybe a few more. She has bulimia and pukes after she eats. The male character says that her problem got so severe she’s lost a tooth, which ignites interest in another main character who wants teeth for some reason. Then, that other character invites the gf for dinner and upsets on purpose so she runs to the restroom and throws up.


Anonymous 22162

Its just a show, it doesn't deserve such deep introspection. People come up with dumb shit all the time, don't pay attention.

Anonymous 22163

No, I’m trying to figure out its name. I’ve had many hypotheses. Friends, with Phoebe and Ross? Can’t be, the plot is too extreme. South Park has a tooth fairy episode but it’s different. The Big Bang Theory? HIMYM? BoJack Horseman? There must be a deranged shut-in TV vioower here who’ll know.

Anonymous 22180

Was there by chance a scene with a bunch of vomit filled jars lined in a closet? I've definitely seen something like that in a 90's show. Don't remember which, though. That quick cut to the closet is seared into my brain.

Anonymous 22191

Family guy

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