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Anonymous 22337

I started reading killing Stalking around 2015-2016, but dropped it shortly after. Should I re-read it from the beginning or find where I left off and continue from there?

Anonymous 22338

ehhh, with all due respect I'd warn against it even if you are super into angst stuff–and mind you, I don't say this because I'm being puritanical but because I know how it ends and it was…yeaaaaaah. It scarred me.

Then again it didn't scar me as much as Oyasumi Punpun (which arguably ends happier).

Anonymous 22339

If you decide to re-read it from the beginning, you must post screencaps of the best moments sorry that's the rules

Anonymous 22340

I keep reading about that thing but never really found out what it's about

Anonymous 22367

If you're squeamish like this anon, maybe avoid it. >>22338

However as a consumer of disgusting, depraved things, I'd say Killing Stalking is pretty tame tbh. Reread it.

Anonymous 22380

K, might do that. I wasn't even halfway through so that might be easy. And yeah I've seen a lot of guro and irl gore I mostly want to read it because I like the art style

Anonymous 22422

It can be really hot I think. She had some physical copies made, but none in English which is strange??

So many people would pay for English copies of her work.

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