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Anonymous 22399

Did Padme groom Anakin?

Anonymous 22408

I heard the original script called for a slightly older, young teen, to play him, but the casting director (and/or Lucas) went with this kid. So many blunders.

Anonymous 22409

Anonymous 22411

maxresdefault (5).…

Groomed him into murdering her, yeah.
Oh wait no, she 'died of sadness' or something.

Anonymous 22414


men can't be groomed, they experience no trauma from it as their brains are wired differently

Anonymous 22416

o fersure

Anonymous 22417


Anonymous 22419

Anonymous 22421

I sort of agree but feel it may be the same for girls. The bigger issue is if sexual shit is forced upon them when they have no interest in it or are not currently ready for it. I do believe sex can fuck up boys and girls if they aren't prepared (and they usually aren't tbh).

Padame wasn't in a relationship with him anyway.

Anonymous 22425

No, they spend a bunch of time apart and then meet again when they are both fully grown. Anakin is the creepy one.

Anonymous 22426

Best Anakin x Padme edit.

Anonymous 22442

What if they get molested by a homo?

Anonymous 22445

that's different, but does Padme look like a big hairy homo to you?

Anonymous 22446

wait, wasn't she alive to name her children?
I thought the implication was that Palpatine stole her life energy (or she gave it up or whatever) to revive Anakin, and that's why she died of nothing at the same time he recovered from severe injuries. Did I just make that up or was that intentional?

Anonymous 22486

You made it up it's popular fanfiction because it's much more interesting than "she died of sadness because she lost her moid!!!"

Anonymous 22488

>men can't be groomed
Correct, but that's not a man, it's a boy.

Anonymous 22509

>OP wants inspiration on how to groom young boys.
That said, no, Padme did not groom Anakin. Grooming has to be a consistent process, and they knew each other for a week or two, at most. After that, they did not see each other for ten years, until both were adults, and at least relatively able to make independent choices.
kill yourself

Anonymous 22536

stonetoss vader.pn…

Not systemically, anyways.

Anonymous 23319

without a doubt

Anonymous 23320

And she's the one in power here, a senator! She's 30 and he's barely out of being a teenager, and he's been sheltered in jedi school without experience and without knowing anything about women. Naive and starstruck.
He could be Monica Lewinsky.

Anonymous 23385

She was five or six years older only.
Poor casting. I think the original script wanted him to be about fifteen or so.

Anonymous 23483

It would take a hell of a lot of nuance and good writing to pull off but this would've been more interesting than what we got.

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