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Just finished watching DUNC Anonymous 22404

Very poorly written, I don't see how this ties into Jack & Jill's timeline at all. Some pretty shots at times. It was very bold for an Adam Sandler movie to feature him exclusively as a giant worm.


Anonymous 22406

very slow paced, focused on cinematic shots to the detriment of the story. Although I liked the book when I read it like ~15 years ago so maybe I'm being overly harsh on the movie.

Anonymous 22413

If anything I appreciated them actually giving the world room to breathe with the slow pace.

Anonymous 22443

I thought it was a great adaptation but the Lynch Dune was infinitely more quotable.

Not a fan of Jessica sobbing every other scene and Yueh's betrayal had literally no build-up. (To be fair it was lame in the books too - "Imperial Suk training is unbreakable!" literally the first Suk trained character we see gets broken)

Anonymous 22453

I found myself enjoying it very much. Although I hated the constant advertisement for Volkswagen and BMW.
I liked the scene very much where Paul has his first morning wood.

Anonymous 22496

I read the book ages ago and didn't like it much because it seemed so predictable that the main character would end up the saviour or whatever he was. The world building was nice though and pretty iconic. I watched the new movie just because I was curious to see how they would change things from the other movie that was a mess.

I really enjoyed the minimalist design of the buildings but I didn't like the designers were lazy and used Asian/Japanese elements to signify them being otherworldly and exotic at the star of the movie. To me that seems like a pretty dated thing to do and borders on racism. I would have preferred to seem them come up with something completely new or use a less common style or even blend an Eastern style and a Western one. I also hated the random bagpipes as they felt really out of place as there were no other Scottish/Irish elements that I noticed.

Anonymous 22497

Why would something being vaguely Japanese/Asian be racist? Is this that silly "cultural appropriation" I've been hearing about?

Anonymous 22498

No, not cultural representation but because they clearly wanted it to look "alien" and by choosing Japanese culture to copy, they are basically othering Japanese culture, implying it is not normal or common. Even if it is an American movie, there are plenty of Japanese Americans or other Asian Americans. It's also just lazy. Maybe 50 years ago it would have been exotic (and extra edgy after WWII) but now weebos aren't even a thing because liking Japanese culture is so common. Everyone and their granny watches anime now. It just felt like the designers were out of touch.

Anonymous 22499

I agree with you it's lazy, I don't agree with you that it would meaningfully "other" anyone, if such a thing were possible in a limited context. I'm also a bit confused because I can't get a clear read on the point of whether or not you think they were actually successful at making the alien aesthetic, well, "alien", did they or did they not in regards to the use of Japanese motifs?

Anonymous 22500

The designers were trying to equate Japanese/Asian = alien/exotic. However, they failed because Japanese culture is everywhere these days and not alien/exotic. They even had bonsai plants. Everyone knows what they are and no one is that amazed by them anymore. The fact that the designers thought they were doing something exotic is the racist part and seems like a very middle aged white American viewpoint.

They should have worked with designers from some obscure culture or took something historical (that isn’t done to death like the Ancient Greeks).

Anonymous 22502

Okay, so just to make sure I understand, your stance is "they were trying to be racists and "othery" with the use of Japanese aesthetics but failed to be alien"?

Anonymous 22503

>your stance is "they were trying to be racists and "othery" with the use of Japanese aesthetics but failed to be alien"?

They were trying to create something alien. They failed because their opinion that Japan/Asian = exotic is dated. Japanese/Asian culture is everywhere and no longer exotic. The designers did not fail intentionally but still failed.

In general, thinking of another culture as exotic/alien/weird is racist and othering. This is particularly bad for when members of that community live around you and face discrimination for being thought of as different. This was not intention by the designers but just their unconscious beliefs. The designers were not trying to be racist but their mindset is outdated and so they were racist.

Americans have a history of rounding up Japanese Americans and making them live in camps as they weren't considered true Americans. Chinese immigrants faced strong restrictions on immigration and Chinese women were banned from immigrating with their husbands as they were thought to be prostitutes.

Putting out the idea that Asian/Japanese culture is not the same as normal American culture is therefore racist because things like bonsai trees are part of Asian American culture and therefore American.

Anonymous 22504

Well I can't read the minds of those designing the sets, so if you're inferring they were racist, I suppose they are in fact racist. Thank you for clarifying.

Anonymous 22505

True, we can't read their minds but I doubt they created a fail alien design and were racist on purpose. Unless there was some other reason to do it that way that we are missing. It's not like that in the book that I recall anyway.

Anonymous 22512

too far from the book had approximately 100 nerd spergs in the first 100 minutes

Anonymous 23272


>be me
>go see Dune on my first ever date with a guy
>sperg afterwards about how I loved the worldbuilding with the spice, worms, different houses etc
>start dating guy
>things get serious
>first time having sex
>bf pulls down his pants
>he got plastic surgery to have a Dune worm attached to his crotch just for me

I think he is the one.

Anonymous 23273

The definitely were not trying to be racist since they also went pc by changing Jihad to holy war in the script.

Anonymous 23277

I enjoyed this post. Thank you for making it.

Anonymous 24079

i refuse to watch race washed movies

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