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Anonymous 22723

what websites do you browse outside of large conglomerates like twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc. i'd like to find cute little forums ala old internet but it's difficult – genuinely feels like everything is on private discord servers these days.

Anonymous 22724


Anonymous 22725

Mainly Kiwi Farms and lolcow.farm.

Anonymous 22726


Anonymous 22727

Same, KF still has an old forum feel a bit if you settle into one of the more niche cow threads.

Anonymous 22728

I just found this search engine called wiby.me that only gives you obscure pages as results. It's pretty fun to waste some time on. Through my time fucking around on Google I've also found that a lot of old-style forums are still active, but a lot of them are based around specific hobbies and it can be hard to find them.

Anonymous 22730

new Voihon never

Anonymous 22731

Has anyone here ever used the site ExperienceProject before it became defunct? I found it was a small niche forum website where you could get to vent and just talk about your problems with other people. As someone who suffers with mental illness, that site meant a lot to me.

Anonymous 22732


There's quite a few imageboards out there though most of them are pretty dead like late.city and comfy.chat. They're interconnected so once you find one there's a dozen more under /friends/ etc.

As a teen I used forumieren.com to find and make forums. There's probably still forums floating around if you want something you can have a profile on. Try to find something for an interest/hobby you have.

Sidenote, has anyone here ever been on Livewire? I used it around the tailend of the site, 2012 or 2013 but it was a lot of fun.

Anonymous 22733

Saya in the Underworld, she translates a lot of Japanese horror stories. Hasn't updated the site in about a month, but there are a lot of fun entries to read through.

Anonymous 22734

the s4s board on 4chan is pretty decent
very slow board and long running tight community
has had plenty of known femanons that barely got harrassed

Anonymous 22735

Oh hey I love her site too. My favorite ones were always the cryptic stories

Anonymous 22736


>the s4s is pretty decent

Anonymous 22737

"Decent" means something completely different to an [s4s]-fag.

Anonymous 22738

it used to be good, its not as good anymore though. i miss the old s4s

Anonymous 22739

Anonymous 22740

Gaia Online. Yes it's still alive. It's a little broken but usable, very comfy.

I use toyhou.se but it's infested with themlets so the forums aren't always fun.

Anonymous 22741

Besides the main social media sites I usually just go on crystalcafe (duh), a small hobby forum that would give me away, quotev, and I have a ton of random small imageboards bookmarked that I check up on every few months.
Crystal cafe is my only regular board tho, the men on other boards tend to bother me and lolcow is too nitpicky.
Does anyone else go on dreamchan? It seems cozy but I haven't spent enough time there yet to really know.

Anonymous 22742


I took a look at dreamchan since you mentioned it and this is the first post. Doesn't seem very comfy lol

Anonymous 22743

Dreamchan is nice, but it's very slow.

Anonymous 22744


I like to look at Uboachan from time to time, but I can't say I'd recommend it

Anonymous 22745

Anonymous 22746

Kiwi Farms
Rarely soychan
Rarely Bienvenido a Internet
A certain small blog run by a friend of mine
A couple of niche scanlator sites when I'm searching or reading about a certain manga
Mangaupdates to get accurate information about the publication history of manga

That kind of stuff.

Anonymous 22747

I absolutely love neocities, for both browsing and making your own website. highly recommend it if you like html or have a shred of interest in it. I didn't know any html/css, but have learned so much since starting a website a few months ago.

/comfy/ is GOAT

Anonymous 22749

I want to find more cool blogs, debunkingskeptics.com is neat

Anonymous 22750

instagram I only go on for edits to maladaptive daydream, kek

other than that, lainchan and wirechan

Anonymous 22751

Anonymous 22752

What's your website about in neocities? I had a site but I deleted it because of lack of ideas.
Is there any way to get involved in the community? The only sites I've seen all seem to get visited because the creator is popular on another site.

Anonymous 22753

Does anyone know what happened to desuchan?

Anonymous 22754

My website is not terribly popular, but a lot of the people behind my favorite websites followed me back. There's a lot of standard things on my website (guestbook, about me, favorite albums, favorite books pages), but I've been recently working on a Tolkien page, where the background shifts between the ages and there are quick summaries of notable events and some of my favorite characters. If you have a specific band you love, or book/world, or collection these are all great themes you can try to share through html and express through css! Even more simple things you appreciate can be good, I've seen beautiful pages on rainy days and deviantart. Making a gif or image dump page can also be fun.
As for communities, they seem sort of tricky to build and are probably one of the weaker aspects of neocities. Signing guestbooks is about as far as many people seem to go, but there are also webrings and discord servers and whatnot, so I'm sure that if you sought one out you could find one.

Anonymous 22755

>op pic
I thought this comic was cool until I found out that the author draws loli porn. Went from cool concept if handled with nuance to "oh this is his fetish" real fast.

Anonymous 22756

Thank you for posting these links!

Anonymous 22757

Kiwi Farms, Lolcow.farm, lolcow.org, soychan, leftypol, lainchan, 8chan.moe

Anonymous 22758

What's the URL for soychan?

Anonymous 22759

hey, uboachan's original founder here. haven't thought about that place in years! might pop over and see what they're up to. just wanted to say thanks for the blast from the past

Anonymous 22760


Anonymous 22761

It's shit and so are you if you visit it

Anonymous 22762

Whoah anon congrats for achieving comfiness.

As for other websites I find some thread of sushigirl to be top comfy but the tranny and lolicon posts ruin it. Even if I hide tranny and loli threads I still hate the possibility I'm interacting with such people. But I guess that's the internet for you, any such small place with these niche interests from this corner of the Wired is going to have such types.

Anonymous 22763

testing to see if soychan is soychan

Anonymous 22764

Why in the world is there a world filter for that site!? Just so you know, it's hispa chan.org

Anonymous 22765

aren't those all moid boards? why would you go to /pol/ especially.

Anonymous 22766

lol did your post embarrass the other anon, so she deleted it?

Anonymous 22767

oh lol i didn't know hispa has a world filter

Anonymous 22768

I mostly browse imageboards. 4chan the most, especially /r9k/, a bit of CC and LF. Some local ones, like Dvach and Ukrainian boards. Kiwi Farms is the only forum I post on nowadays. For chatting, I use Telegram and Discord. Most big sites are fucking shit, both in their design and userbase, so I rarely open them, and if I do open them, it is to look for something concrete, not to stare at the feed. At this post, the sites I end up actually reading are news sites. Politics are my hobby.

Anonymous 22769

i used to be active on kiwifarms earlier this year, now i use lolcow since it's mostly the same except more female dominated. i kind of wish cool geeky forums were a thing again, i don't mind discord but it's also hard to get into cool servers without an invite. reddit is ok for that as long as you stay off the porn and politics side but the chances of intermingling with people on those sides is also common

Anonymous 22770


Anonymous 22771


I used to not think Reddit was that bad - just so long as you stay away from porn and politics like the above anon mentioned. But one day I was looking at the subreddit for this autistic CCG that I play and decided to click the mod's name to see more of their posts because navigating Reddit sucks. I immediately saw their posts on r/nailfetish, where they are also a mod, and then promptly saw their troon cock with absolutely garish nails wrapped around it, jerking off.

Even on something as innocuous as fucking Keyforge you're only one click away from seeing a pornsick tranny's dick.

Anonymous 22772

No but this is true lmao. I remember clicking on a few usernames, like 5 maybe, and ALL of them had a dick post on the first page. All of them. It was either an onlyfans page (yes even disgusting reddit dudes have one), or a desperate attempt to find a fuckbuddy.

Anonymous 22773

>what websites do you browse
surely you mean social media/forums specifically, right?
'cause I like using a couple of wikis for obscure Japanese games, I don't really talk to people online outside of the 3 imageboards that I use

>Bienvenido a Internet
Never thought I'd find someone else here who knows about it, sadly you also visit lolcow and KF
and apparently also HC… what the fuck, why would you do that

>soychan is actually THAT imageboard and is completely unrelated to the actual soy imageboard
lmao based

I haven't been here long enough to know what's the deal with that exactly, but I bet it's because it's basically the worst of 4chan but in Spanish, full of reactionary misogynistic moids
Maybe there was an incident involving that chan, idk

Anonymous 22774

Marabou stork.jpg

No me odies.

Anonymous 22775

I'm really starting to feel like the internet is a place for trannies and sociopathic teenagers these days. I need to cut my losses

Anonymous 22776

some misskey (decentralized tumblr) and mastodon/pleroma (decentralized twitter) instances seem cool plus they have spinster.xyz which is like a radfem-only twitter
for imageboards I like grimchan.xyz but keep in mind it is even slower than here
as some others in the thread mentioned neocities is fun although there isn't much of a social aspect to it

Anonymous 22777

do you have any reccs of instances on misskey and mastodon that aren't coomer or super liberal?

Anonymous 23358

Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/

Pretty insightful tech discussions, since most of the posters there work in that industry. But when they talk about other topics they're just as hopeless as reddit etc.

Anonymous 23359

Sorry for mentioning LC como si fuera algo malo, it's really not as bad as I used to think. Still, to willingly visit HC… it's interesting to say the least.

>misskey (decentralized tumblr)
Thanks for mentioning grimchan too, looks relatively nice, although it sucks that they use Google Captcha…
I guess it's not that hard to make a comfy imageboard. I want to make one too.

Anonymous 23361

Went to both misskey and mastodon and they seem to be full of moonrunes, where are you finding english content?

Anonymous 23386

i like to lurk on pixiv

Anonymous 23485

seconded. i also lurk there & i browse neocities

Anonymous 23497

i like to visit mlptp.net (My Little Pony Trading Post). we just discuss my little ponies

i hate discords. it's so hard to search through old conversations. you have to scroll a bajillion miles

Anonymous 23499

oh no, i just realised i broke rule 5 ( 'A')

Anonymous 23500

this one is ok, it's mot a lot of people but at least it isn't slow
It's like a vaporwave forum but in reality everyone is old enough to have a disdain for modern internet

Anonymous 25314

Anonymous 25669

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