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3D Waifus and Husbandos Anonymous 2278

We have a thread for the 2D ones, now it's time for our IRL crushes.

Anonymous 2279



I've been crushing on Joy since Red Flavour era. I think it's more the case of "I wanna be here" than "be with her", but still, dayum.

Anonymous 2280


Does it have to be full-blown waifuism or will a casual ladycrush suffice? If so pic related. She's a lil vapid but damn those eyes kill me every time.

Anonymous 2284

Robert Plant.jpg

I would go for Robert Plant, he has this incredible presence and the face of an angel

Anonymous 2289


I guess it doesn't need to be full-blown waifuism, just someone that makes your heart flutter is enough lol (she's gorgeous btw)

Anonymous 2292


Dakota Fanning is a cutie and she seems really chill and not so beautiful that she's super intimidating. Her sister is so cute too.

Anonymous 2296


I've always had a thing for Emily Browning, even back I was a youngling and watch The uninvited.
Always thought she was so beautiful

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