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Fave YouTubers/YT crushes? Anonymous 22793

What are your guys' favorite channels? My faves are I Hate Everything, Izzzyzzz, Strange Aeons, and Athens. I have a fat YT crush on Ralphthemoviemaker. He's cute

Anonymous 22794

Don't have a crush on them but some I have been watching recently are Atrocity Guide, Whang!, and wavywebsurf for weird internet stories and Louise Katzovitz for cool fashion/engineering projects.

Anonymous 22795

Link? I can only find things relating to the city.

Anonymous 22802

I meant Ashens sry, it autocorrected and I didn't notice.

Anonymous 22803

oof, I unsubscribed to Whang! after he made a misogynistic joke to Keemstar (who he is apparently friends with)–it reminded me of something a redpiller would say.
love Izzzy and Aeons too!!

Anonymous 22804

Oh no.. what did whang do?

Anonymous 22816


does jerma still count?

Anonymous 22817

Anonymous 22822


oh don't worry it wasn't anything that excessive, but that and knowing he bros around with keemstar of all people is yikes.

Anonymous 22823


i don't have as much time to watch youtube nowadays, but I always tune into the new scott the woz and dankpods videos every week, both make fantastic videos imo.
i also like putting on alpharad deluxe video in the background while i work, it's lets play content but only one of the guys is actually playing the game while the other two just shoot the shit, making it basically a podcast/parasocial relationship type thing for me lol.

Anonymous 22827

Its enough for me to start disliking him a little. I see men who put down older women as a huge red flag lol.

Anonymous 22829

Yikes. Women aren't mad because they are jealous, they are mad because these men are fucking creeps.

Also reminder that men have a biological clock of 35 too. The difference is that a younger woman can correct the genetic errors so older men can still have children. It's not that men don't age out of the ideal age to have children like everyone thinks.

Anonymous 22830

Exactly. Also men who go for women 10+ years younger than them are emotionally immature as hell. Stay away.

Anonymous 22831

He's also assuming all women must want babies and all older women must be desperate for babies. So many layers of awfulness.

Weird that he can talk neutrally and compassionately about 1 guy 1 jar etc on his channel but then comes out with this privately. Wtf. Have to wonder what other opinions he is keeping quiet. Not to say that he isn't allowed private opinions but this is just jarring with how he presents himself publicly and being anti-age gaps isn't that controversial or hard to understand. Have to wonder now if most of the weird people he talks about being male has anything to do with how sympathetic he is.

Anonymous 22832

>The difference is that a younger woman can correct the genetic errors so older men can still have children.
Doesn't this agree with their rhetoric that lower age women are more "valuable" then? If anything this reinforces their argument.

Anonymous 22833

If you want to have a baby, then the idea age would be 21-35 for both sexes. If an older man wants to have a baby, he needs a partner from this age group but it isn't ideal as he is still old himself. In that sense, yes, a younger woman is more valuable but that isn't the only factor that can make her more or less valuable for having a baby.

Saying that, I doubt they are dating because he is looking for the most fertile partner out there (otherwise a woman from that age group who had already had a child and was genetically screened would be most valuable). If he really just wanted to have a baby, they could use egg donation from a younger woman or adopt and the partner's age wouldn't matter.

On top of that, he isn't going to have a balanced or healthy relationship with a huge gap, and that is even more valuable, especially if you want to raise the baby in good environment. He is just being a creepy old man and they are trying to use fertility as an excuse.

Anonymous 22836

>acting like the rhetoric involved matters
NTA, but tbh in these arguments, most of those guys don't actually want to childcare/be real dads (if they do, usually they just want the status). They're more looking for a justification for their behavior to basically deflect all criticism away. The age thing is largely an abstraction they've weaponized to justify devaluing most women into trash, and to "defang" the fact that millions upon millions of men are predators looking to exploit young girls.

There's a lot of other factors that seemingly have greater consequences (i.e., income, parental involvement and quality thereof, good genes of parents) on a child's life that many statistics back up they completely ignore. They already hate women for caring about many of them (i.e., accuse women of hypergamy). They also probably don't really care about the extremely minutiae increase of birth defects either.

They basically hold "haha, well, it's only logical, because fertility! Age doesn't matter for men!" over womens' heads constantly; in reality, age also matters for men and so does many, many other things.

Anonymous 22837

And let me repeat: most of those guys never gave a shit about children, the age thing was always a fucked up gotcha.

According to their own logic, if they married when they were young, had kids, they'd abandon them in a few years and get a new, young girl as a wife for more children.

Anonymous 22840

ive never watched him but he looks cute. a lot of underages fawn over him tho.

Anonymous 22841


while I barely watch him (watched his kenshi, frog detective, and dollhouse streams tho) he's a male youtuber that I particularly wish is what he seems to be: a gigantic himbo.

Anonymous 22978


I don't know how but pretty much around a month before she quit youtube, I became a huge Jenna Marbles fan against the odds. I have never been into any other vlogger or…really normie type persona ever…not because I have standards or tastes but because I like escaping reality too much and thought I just disliked everyday stuff.

For some reason she just felt incredibly therapeutic for me–seeing her just having fun doing silly stuff with her family just felt beyond authentic and wholesome in a way that just…hit differently, in a "wow, maybe life isn't that bad" way?

Of course that's kind of copey, considering that, in spite of her issues and self depreciation, she's still a rich youtuber that's privileged in having normal friends, a cute bf/fiance, and cute dogs.

Anonymous 23647


Been having recurring dreams about WolfeyVGC for months now. He's too cute.

Anonymous 24024

Two more I found recently that are similar to these are Strange Soup and Super Eyepatch Wolf.

Internet Historian is also great.

Anonymous 24048


Brian David Gilbert. I guess a part of it is that I'm so used to men being a, uh, certain way that someone that is just goofy, creative and perky is really refreshing to me. his ideas are always wild and he spins the weirdest shit into gold.

–oh and he just looks better than 85%+ men in my area despite looking like a goofy goober.

Anonymous 24051

I LOVE HIS VIDEOS not enough people know about him
someone similar who i like is chris fleming

Anonymous 24056


thanks for the rec! he seems amazing too.

discovering BDG has been very, very weird because I actually have never felt any attraction towards a non-fictional guy in my, what, entire life. BDG seems cute and brilliant but also really dumb at the same time. I'm embarrassed that I feel the way I do. I haven't even deep-dived into BDG's content yet nor did I grow up with him so I don't know why I feel this way.

Anonymous 24137


i would do anything for him

Anonymous 24138

I think people who scream at video games for a living should be rounded up into open air camps and liquidated.

Anonymous 24139

kek, I wouldn't, but I'm so fuckin glad I didn't get into him as a teen and try avoiding his content. I seem to be only attracted to cheerful, outgoing and dorky men like this. Questionable tastes? Probably. No regrets tho.

Anonymous 24140


Anonymous 24141

Thanks for reminding us of his pronouns

Anonymous 24149

Thank g*d he's not some they/them shite though

Anonymous 24159

I really like blameitonjorge, not like as a crush though. I like to watch his videos before I sleep from time to time, they're calming to me despite the content being creepy haha

Anonymous 24162


I want Lyle Rath to break my back like a glowstick.

Anonymous 24203



More like Lyle Wrath

Anonymous 24290

He's so cute I can't watch his videos without blushing. Need cute welsh bf

Anonymous 24291

King Critical

Anonymous 24312

Why quotes around 'storyboard driven'? Is England just making it up as they go?

Anonymous 24314

>storyboard artist comes up with the story
I never thought that was even possible, the horror
Now I understand why some animated shows I fail to understand and don't get what is happening
Last time it was with an episode of Steven Universe - is it also "storyboard driven"?

Anonymous 24318

I wish I have that much amount of self confidence those people have


To be fair that's how Miyazaki animates his movies and if it's good enough for him I don't see why it's inherently bad.
>Instead of writing the scripts and then adding the animation later – the modern Hollywood way – he focuses on the visual storyboards and then constructs the stories around the images he creates. Miyazaki’s focus on visual storytelling has allowed his imagination free reign.

I think the problem isn't so much a lack of script as much as a severe need to "say something important and unique" as opposed to just making something of quality.

Anonymous 24322

misogynist phenotype

Anonymous 24337


Ah! So THAT'S why I hate Miyazaki. Interesting.
His storytelling - I always thought it's so messy
And when I am explaining this to people - near to nobody understands me

Anonymous 24338

He cute, but his tryhard smugness is off-putting

Anonymous 24341

Would make sense, Miyazaki doesn't rely on story-telling as much as powerful visuals for his films. This comes to a peak with Ponyo being a schizophrenic mess in the last 15 minutes. Which is incredibly sad because it's one of the most beautiful in the first half. Damn shame.

Anonymous 24349


YouTube started recommending me SMOSH's try not to laugh compilation videos…

Anonymous 24374

Fucking hell anon, YouTube started recommending me those too. My first impression was that they were all annoying and then somehow I ended up with a crush on Damien.

Anonymous 24392


Danny Mullen.

Anonymous 24393


his arms in this tank top…. hhhhhng

Anonymous 25079

I didn’t watch him back in college but my god, Muscleman Mark is aging like a fine wine. chef’s kiss

Anonymous 25080


I like Johnny Two Cellos and his surfer-Jesus vibe. Been watching a lot of Danny Gonzalez, Veridis Joe, Defunctland, Jenny Nicholson, Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan and Todd in the Shadows lately.

Anonymous 25613

We know it's you posting this Ralph

Anonymous 25656


Any Ross fans? What's your favorite video(s)? I like Freeman's Mind but I've watched all his game dungeons a million times, they're my go to when i want to be comfy.

Anonymous 25657

oh my gosh, me too!
Freeman's Mind is like one big long adventure, I love it.

I haven't been able to watch all his Game Dungeons yet though. idk why, but the first game i thought of was Bip Bop. Not necessarily might favourite, but it's easy to remember. Bip bop.

Anonymous 25670

Yeah his choice of games is always interesting at least. Can i just recommend black mirror and Requital (one gud and one funny because it's a shit game) if you haven't already seen them, those are my 2 recent favorites. His halloween eps are good in general

Anonymous 26430


Unoriginal crush but I'm so attracted to 2013 Sam Hyde with the bleached hair. I actually become depressed and physically frustrated knowing I will never be able to cuddle with 2013 Sam.

Anonymous 26849


I want to take ReviewBrah's virginity

Anonymous 26851


Anonymous 26869

Fucking same. How is he so cute?

Anonymous 26873

You know he's a pedo right?

Anonymous 26917

he is unawarely cute thats why.

that was probably a moid posting sam hyde he is funny but yea he should at least serve a sentence for that one.

Anonymous 26937

I recently had the pleasure of finding that video with the cat. He reminds me of every professor I had at my engineering school who wasn't conventionally attractive but just had something about them that made me want them in my bed.

Anonymous 26955


>but just had something about them that made me want them in my bed.
stable jobs and responsibilities

Anonymous 26961

The cat acts exactly like him lmao

Anonymous 26965

I didn't realize how badly I need his cat to do catfood reviews until you said this.

Anonymous 27108

Anonymous 27109

>its sad Since his girlfriend only lived for 98 years , which is only a fraction of his life yet he still remember those moment.
Fuck a youtube comment actually got me.

Anonymous 27153


I had found Hiding in My Room cute.
Too bad he's a ragingly misogynistic, narcissistic loser. His looks are wasted on his shit, creepy personality.

Anonymous 27155

Yeah I used to follow this guy, he always makes clickbait content now. Ever sience he cheat on that Japanese gf he had and had to leave Japan his life went downhill hardcore he had to return to England to be a NEET loser. What an idiot he had so many opportunities and he wasted them. Props to him though for looking so young at like 31+ years old, thats rare on a moid.

Anonymous 27170

I don't know who this guy is can you post a link

Anonymous 27187


Tom Merrick from Bodyweight Warrior. I was using some of his videos to exercise to for awhile and found him so attractive that I felt uncomfortable when he would look at the camera.

Anonymous 27189



Not sure if this title is also clickbait (I don't want to give this POS views) but if not, then that makes him a colossal POS.

>Props to him though for looking so young at like 31+ years old, thats rare on a moid.

Meh, that might just be because of a reclusive lifestyle. I look much younger and I attribute alot of that to having been a shut-in.

Anonymous 27194

all he does is clickbait
its never geunine anymore

Anonymous 27199

Anonymous 27233

Anonymous 27234


Couldn’t find a non-douchey glasses pic, but he is so cute anon. I don’t trust when moids seem too “nice” but he seems alright. 🥰

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