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Spotify wrapped Anonymous 22846

Does anyone want to share their Spotify wrapped results? It’s fun to see what people listen to!

Anonymous 22852

Do I have to download the phone app for this?

Anonymous 22853

I don’t think so, it should show up on PC

Anonymous 22859

I tried to open it on browser (don't have the PC app and don't want it) and it says it's only on the app

Anonymous 22861

Spotify refuses to give me a wrapped. I get the notification but it leads to nothing. Tragic.

Anonymous 22881

between the bars is your top song…
are you alright anonnette?

Anonymous 22882

Anonymous 22883

It was a rough year but I’m okay, ty for asking!

Anonymous 22958

who the fuck is listening to mj this much kek

Anonymous 22962


I don't use spotify
but I guess the artist I listen the most is My Bloody Valentine

Anonymous 22964


I’ve only had Spotify for two weeks

Anonymous 22972


Anonymous 22977

>RGG music
>Dark Wave

Never listened to psychedelic hip hop but it sounds like it's something cool

Anonymous 22986

Yeah, I played yakuza (only the kiryu saga for now) during the pandemic and that made me a Takaya Kuroda fangirl. That meant finding every project he was part of.
But not only Takaya Kuroda, the yakuza franchise is full of A-List sexy voices that can sing and emote so much I wanna hug them. And I find most of the characters sexy, because I like big burly man with tattoos, muscles, a bit of beard and low voices

Anonymous 22987

lol cool
Have you played the Hiiro no Kakera 4 fanmade English PC port? I just found out that's a thing

Anonymous 22988

Sorry to doublepost but, for something more on-topic, this is one of my top 20 most listened to songs on Spotify lmao
I also finished Yakuza 0 early this year because of the pandemic, I would've continued to play Kiwami 1 and 2 but I haven't bought them yet…

Anonymous 22989

Nah, I don't know the franchise. Google tells me it's a visual novel, I'm not really into those. But I see there's an anime, so I might give that a watch or watch a gameplay on youtube somewhere

>24H Cenderella
Nice, I prefer Rouge of Love

Anonymous 22990

>I don't know the franchise
Oh, there's this person who makes PC ports of mobile/PSP otome games in English (quite impressive imo) and in this game there's a love interest voiced by Takaya Kuroda. There are other otome games where he voices a LI but most aren't translated.
>But I see there's an anime
Oh that anime is for the 2006 game for which this is a prequel.

>Nice, I prefer Rouge of Love

I just listen to this playlist with all of Majima's karaoke songs lmao

Anonymous 22991

>love interest voiced by Takaya Kuroda
Sweeeeeet, gonna look it up then thank you
I've been getting into his band Goodfellas a lot, with the linked song being the one I listen to the most

Anonymous 22997


Friday the 13th is amazing.

Anonymous 22999


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