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Anonymous 22896

Betty or Veronica, miners?

Also thoughts on Archie in general? Do you like the comics/characters? Are we way overdue for a new Josie & the Pussycats cartoon?

Anonymous 23318


It would have to be Betty, since she was the least toxic of the two.

Anonymous 23347


Missed this.
Anyway, Veronica because I had a crush on her as a kid. I liked mean ladies, idk what to say. But I also loved Ethel, the og femcel rep.
The early comics in Pep were my favorite save for some aspects, but obviously as a kid I mostly read the modern stuff. It was formative media for me and contributed to both how I draw and dress haha.

Anonymous 23348


Patsy Walker is cool, I think Marvel ignores their cool girl characters way too much. They probably would not have survived to the 60s without Patsy and Millie and now they're chopped liver.

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