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Anonymous 23079

Cool neocities recs? Any interesting webpages you like visiting? Share with the miners!

Anonymous 23080

Do you think we should share our own websites? I imagine sharing social media accounts on imageboards is a terrible idea but I imagine that there's already some overlap between neocities users and imageboards so I don't know if it would be as risky to share your own websites.

Anonymous 23081

I cant wait to read the submissions to this post..

Anonymous 23082


you can click for hours and hours and you still wouldn't run out of things to uncover

Anonymous 23083

Anonymous 23084

Is this a conspiracy blog?..

Anonymous 23085

If it's not tied to your real identity then it should be fine.

Anonymous 23086

Thanks I got a headache in 4 seconds. New PR

Anonymous 23087

As the nona above said, as long as it's not tied to your irl identity it should be fine.
That, plus you can just post your site and not mention it's yours at all.

Anonymous 23088

No, it's for privacy.

Anonymous 23089

how hard is it to set up your own?

Anonymous 23090

Neocities sucks tbh. No FTP support, no nothing. Can't even set your own icon unless you pay for this shit. BULLSHIT

Anonymous 23091


I stopped exploring these when I clicked on a website banner and my antivirus caught a Trojan.

Anonymous 23092

hmm, thanks for the warning… i will use virtual machines to explore.

Anonymous 23430

You can change your icon though. Just do this: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_favicon.asp

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