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What shows can I watch on HBOmax? Anonymous 23201

Its annoying trying to navigate and find things I like on HBOmax. I loved all their old shows and I want to find more like that. Things I've liked (Not all on HBO):
The Wire
Peaky Blinders
The 100
Six Feet Under
Twin Peaks
Greys Anatomy
Criterion films.. especially 80s movies like Escape from NY
I don't like animated shows unless they're really ridiculously good or funny.. Like Death Note or Ghibli. I've seen them all though.

Anonymous 23204

I wouldn't know, I pirate everything. Have you considered just doing that instead of paying for HBO Max?

Anonymous 23209

I had it for a few months last year, I mostly watched the DC shows on there like Superman and Harley Quinn. Also Josie and the Pussycats lol. I watched Oz too and I really liked it, very addictive show.

I always use Justwatch to easily see what shows and movies are on a streaming service: https://www.justwatch.com/us?providers=cru,hbm

Just looking on there Babylon 5 is a really good classic sci-fi show since you have some sci-fi on your list. I have heard Westworld, The Outsider and Person of Interest are good. True Blood is quite popular with people but I'm not into pretty vampires.

Anonymous 23228

Need a new working computer, I have used a smart tv for a while. But its huge I love it. I don't miss pirating, I used to do it constantly. God downloads took forever.

Anonymous 23229

Oh yeah I loved Westworld. At least the first seasons. I've been wanting to watch Oz but I keep forgetting about it. Btw if anybody knows of any shows like Sharp Objects lemme know. I LOVED that show

Anonymous 23236

The Leftovers and Sopranos

Anonymous 24046

watch the first two seasons of search party (or better yet, just the first) and stop there

Anonymous 24714

true detective

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